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April 04, 2011


cindy holden

hopefully this information will one day help solve the murders of your parents... the prosecutor's office doesnt seem to care about that... take care marty.. cindy holden

Diedra Thompson Green

Marty I wished you had a facebook account. I would like to make you my friend. You are amazing. I seen you on 48 hours. You always stayed positive. I am a paralegal and know for a fact there are so many people that are innocent in prison. If you ever join facebook personally I hope you will be my friend. I cried for you. Your story broke my heart of all of the years you lost. I hope I hear from you. Thanks for having a place to let you know total strangers care about you like me.

Diedra Green

Robert Olson

I just happened to check out the blog for first time since Marty got out of prison and noticed this very important development. Diedra/Cindy: Marty is maintaining his privacy and staying out of the public eye while his civil case makes i way toward trial. As I understand it, Marty is still in the discovery phase as this latest victory attests. I will be very surprised if Suffolk County does not settle with Marty prior to going to trial. Suffolk County has a lot to hide: example why Jerry Steuerman, Peter Kent and Joey "Gunz" Creedon are still on the streets when everyone on the planet knows they murdered the Tankleffs (and not Marty).

Tina Akam

Marty, I wish u health, happiness always, I so remember this case, I knew back then u didn't do it..How u stayed so strong all those years, u are amazing..
What u were put through no one should EVER have it happen to them..
Good Luck to you always..
U r a hero..

compensation whiplash

A person's account broke my heart from all of the years you lost. I hope I hear from you. Many thanks for having a spot for a inform you about total strangers care about you like me.


Dear Martin,

Have not have a chance to thanks for your reply mail back in 2003. The mail been put away by my family and i just got it when i am finding thing in my store. Years pass, and i am so glad that you are freeman now. Thought you been wronged for 17 years, no one can compensate what you have lost but do move on, we cannot change that had happened but you can sure make your future better and brighter.

Best wishes

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