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December 29, 2008



wow cant believe i had to buy the book. what a joke.


Hey Marty, go read Newsday.com and tell me what you think of all those lovely post.



So you know Chris huh? In the book he is Asian, but he is a white man from Long Island who was also kicked out of Clinton Correctional APPU Facility along with Marty for inappropriate matters pertaining to the Assistant Deputy Superintendent of APPU, Stan Berg.



Honestly, PeteF, you've wasted so much time and energy posting comments on a case that is so rife with inconsistencies, you actually believe what you're writing. What's worse is you actually expect the other people posting here to swallow your garbage as well.

All you do is need to pay close attention to all the lies being spewed by these crackers who all try to boast about their involvement in a crime they obviously couldn't have been smart enough to commit. None of their stories add up, whether by statements made after the fact or by signed afidavit, they've all admitted they were not involved, and the result is a murder getting freed. Sure, I'm not the judge or the jury, but even I could see all Salpeter did was create enough of a smoke screen to confuse anyone and everyone weighing the merits of this circus, thereby leaving the prosecution no other options but to spring this goofball free.

Perhaps you should step away from your computer now and stop trying to protect and defend the honor of a municipality like the Suffolk County DA, because they're all a bunch of criminals themselves. Oh, and happy new year to you... N

Robert L. Olson

So far what I have read, everything is pretty much dead on. I don't know who the gentleman posting the above comments is but the only putting up a smoke screen is him.

I don't pretend to know every minute detail about Marty's case but I do know Jerry Steuerman, Peter Kent and Joey "Gunz" Creedon have gotten away with murder. I also know that retired detective K. James McCready deserves to be behind bars for framing Marty.

Vito G.

Tough book to get at the book stores. Got it right away on amazon.com. Tough book to put down. Good work, Jay.


After reading the book with an open mind, I am now 100% sure that Marty Tankleff killed his parents.

Robert L. Olson

Open mind? Mind open to what? Peyote? You can honestly say that you can believe that a kind just barely 17 would murder the people closest to him for an inheritance he knew he wouldn't collect until well in his mid 20's.

On the other hand, you don't find it troubling that a guy who owed Marty's father what would today amount to several million dollars and is the world's shakiest human being could not be capable of murdering the Tankleffs? Did you really read the book or anything on this very website? Maybe what you have is not so much an open mind but an empty mind.


I never said he did it for the inheritance, and I never mentioned Jerry Steurman either although without question he is a "shaky human being". Marty's own words and actions the morning of the murders are what convinced me and, like the jury, his confession did not play a role in my conclussion. Sorry to upset you so much but I read the book cover to cover and that is how I feel.


im glad marty is home!

Bob Shalby

After reading the book I also think he did it.
That Jay is one fat tough guy!! His technigues are twice as bad as McCreadys.


Bob, I can't believe all of the trolls on this blog! Thank you so much for all of your help!

Lo=Lato (double entendre intended);
Ken=Kent (Can't speak, can't spell); &
Bob="Shabby" (can't read or type!).

Just finished reading my copy (from a special friend) on Easter Sunday. Two & 1/2 days and 593 pages of factual injustice later, I have to say: "Outrageous book Jay and Mr. Firstman! WOW!"

"Beneath the rule of men entirely great,
The pen is mightier than the sword."
~Edward Bulwer-Lytton


This is for 4zkidz....It;s Dave....Gave you Marty;s Book. Email me at [email protected] you are well.


Book hits the problems with Suffolk COunty right between the eyes!


let us not lose sight of the true story. 2 people, a mother and a father were murdered in cold blood. and way too many lives were destroyed because of greed and power. and all you can talk is bologna. how about some one of you get on your knee's and pray for mercy, for all involved and your selves for not doing doing that first and keeping your mouth and opinion's to your self. and leave the man alone and dont buy the book.
but i'll tell you what 2 books you should read
the old testament
the new testament
or just one
the bible and its online for free just google the bible


by the way it has all your evil minds are looking for .
murder, lies theieves prostitution. sex love and rock and roll.
yes its all in the bible
one book as a whole :) <3


Please read the email I sent you. You are absolutely a ray of hope for the many wrongfully convicted. I do hope you respond.
Thanks so much.


Happy to hear that the conviction was overturned. I moved away from LI a few years ago and just looked this up to see what had happened. Too bad it took 17 years.

Private Investigator in Dorado Hills

Could I got "A Criminal Injustice" in California's bookstores? and what would be the prices there?

charles milo wehr

I believe marty did not kill his parents. I was in the same graduating class as marty at earl l. vandermuelen. When i first found out about the killings i was 17 years old. I could not believe it, all my classmates at school said he did it. I was very confused and truthfully did not know what to think. I realize now that kids believe pretty much whatever you tell them and even alot of adults. The police are at the top of the list of the most corrupt people on earth.To marty i hope your the rest of your life to be greatest in can be. Oh by the way my views are different then most even if you did committ this crime which i believe you did not , i would not feel any different about you ,have a great life ,MILO


I just finished reading the book and it does not need to be an investigator to notice that things were very wrong on this case. Unfortunatelly police all over the world have corrupt members that take advantage of their positions to make money on the side. Just pay attention to a few things:

1 - After that kind of struggle/fight with Arlene Marty SHOULD have at least scratches on his body.
2 - She was much bigger than he is, so it is almost impossible that he dominated her.
3 - After hurting people so badly with a knife he should have cuts in his hands.
4 - Only someone mentally chalenged could not notice that all the evidences pointed to those people and that the DA and judges and everybody envolved were trying to protect their friends pretending the sources were not reliable.

Come on, I can see people that is against Marty here are CLEARLY writing it to try to cover someone eleses ass. Only someone really stupid cant notice what happened. You shpuld be ashamed of come to public and try to defend what cant be defended. Those cops and all people from justice system are corrupt.

Allison Schwartz

Dear Marty,
I'm from Long Island and am 4 years younger than you. I was too young to hear about your trial while it was happening. I heard about you and what you suffered only when your case was overturned and you were set free. I can't imagine what you went through and no one should have to suffer as you did.
I hope that you have a happy and healthy life and that you carry the good memory of your parents always.

Herb Wosniak

Why are there so many barely literates posting here. Also there are certainly many LEO trolls lurking here. One, the mysterious lo seems to have been drunk when he posted judging from the time of the post and the generally incoherent text. This individual is either a Suffolk County PD member or a LEO stooge. His mentality is pretty much the same as the types who one encountered in police uniforms in the 'people's republics' before 1991. Same arrogance, same brutishness and drunkenness. Such people are irredeemably vile and armed with the power of the state a menace to every citizen every day.

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