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December 28, 2008


Gen X Revert

I am so sorry for all you went through Marty. I hope that justice finally catches up with McCready and Creedon and Steuerman. Is there a copy of the unaired portion of the show?

jim leskowicz

here it is a year later......has anything new happened in the "new" investigation into the real killers?

Jean Michael

Marty im a law studendt from Venezuela i always believed in you, I am very happy that you're free, god is just and you are a great guy .. my best wishes for you, Now to recover the lost years!!! god bless you !!!! greetings from Venezuela!

Racheal Abelquist

My husband was friends with Detective McCreadys kids and Mr McCready is one of the most honorable and honest cops there are. Society has really got things screwed up when they are lettign a murderer walk free and trying to ruin a decorated detectives name and career go figure.

Arlene Marine

Dear Marty,
I don't know if you still read these things or if you will even remember me. I'm now 72 and you must be heading into 40!!
It seems, to me alone I'm sure, like this all happened yesterday. You were such a sad boy back then and I never for a moment considered that you could harm your parents. I worked at the Three Village Inn for many years and your parents were frequent customers.....they loved the Sand Bar. It is all gone now, but my memories of yesterday are dear to me.
I hope you are in law school by now. I won't ask if you are doing well because I am certain you are. You have so many reasons to succeed and be the best you can be.
My name is Arlene (like your Mom's)Marine and my children were in Ward Melville with you at one time or another....Mike is now 49, Matt is 47, Mark passed away when he was 41, Nancy is 37 and my "baby" Eddie is 35.
I hope you are well and know that you come up in our family conversations.......still.We all remember you fondly and wish you the very best.
Arlene Marine
3904 Forrest St.
Valdosta, Ga.,31605 (Don't ask!!!!!)
[email protected]

Cam Renoisim

To Racheal Abelquist: A ton of evidence would seem to make Detective McCready at least prejudiced against Marty Tankleff and, at worst, dishonestly vindictive. How he ignored the Steuerman connection is beyond comprehension. He was either incompetent or intentionally malicious.

Also, your parents misspelled Rachael.

David Christie

Wow.. I just saw a documentary about this troubling saga on a 48 Hours episode.

It's a sad and very scary commentary on what can happen when incompetent, arrogant and dirty "public servants" team up to make a mockery of justice and use our system to commit their own caliber of heinous crimes.

The moral of this story: When these vermin in "law enforcement" turn the justice system into a weapon of their own against the innocent, they're able to continually get away with it and escape accountability.

This is a farce and a smear for a country that bills itself as 'The Land Of The Free". As long as scum like McCready are allowed to wear a badge and even walk the streets at liberty, nobody is safe.

I hope Mr Tankleff and those who are moved by his story continues to work against the corrupt cops and incompetent prosecutors so we can, someday, live up to that motto.

Racheal Abelquist

To Cam Renoisim you know nothing of Mr McCready accept what you read about on the internet. You do not know for a 100% fact what marty may or may not have done thats why we pay cops and detectives to investigate he did his job and did it well he is a very decorated detective and cop before that. He is a kind man not vindictive and was out for justice not blood. This is the first time anyone had ever accused the man of not doing his job to the best of his abbility even though he did but no one looks at that they just look at this one case. So how can anyone sit here and judge a man they know nothing about if everyone thinks they could have done a better job then maybe they should have became a cop and did it. By the way my parents didnt spell my name wrong there is more than one way to spell a name but people will find anythign to gripe about

dave chopp

congratulations to you marty. it shows that determination and belief will propell people to the truth. it is very sad that k james mc ready was a leading murder investigator for so many years. just makes us wonder how many innocent people such as yourself are suffering innocently behind prison walls due to his terrible police work and horrible mindset. but i congratualte you marty for being the stronger fighter and persevering to the end. enjoy your freedom and continue be an inspiration to all those innocently convicted not just in new york but world wide.

James Gri

Racheal Abelquist: what about the SIC investigations, the assault in bar, and other unsavory elements in the man's career. And to paraphrase you, you don't know Marty, so who are you to judge. Several practices by LEOs have always been suspect: browbeating & lying to suspects, tunnel vision with rushes to judgment, looking the other ways for aquaintances, and the biggest the outright refusal to admit the help convict the innocent. Findings of conviction of an innonce would make other prior police work suspect. So no cop or DA, WILL ADMIT THEY BLEW IT OR SAY THEY'RE SORRY NO MATTER WHAT EVIDENCE IS DISCOVERED THAT PROVES THEMSELVES IN ERROR.

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