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November 27, 2008


Alix Sainsbury

Hi Marty
I am gob-smacked after watching your story on Oprah. I had read the book about your parents murder in the last few years and had no idea of your innocence or release from prison. I am horrified to know that innocent people are still sitting in gaol cells - how does society redeem all those years you have missed out on Marty ?
I really hope that everything from here on in GOES REALLY WELL FOR YOU.
kindest regards
Alix in Sydney Australia

Mmbatho Sekano

Hi Marty
I was deeply touched by seeing you on Oprah
Now i truely believe that everything happen for a reason, good and bad. Pray for you to understand that what you were destined to be,thou was painful, hard & still is. Know that it's bigger than us and that God chose you. Take each day as it comes and don't try to be what the world want you to be.

He can't give us a load that we cant carry.
Kindest regards
Mmabatho in South Africa

Elizabeth Harris

Hello Marty,
I am 70 years old and last night, for the first time, I saw your case play out on the Crime & Investigation channel (DSTV) here in South Africa.
I was so upset at the way the trial was conducted that I actually found myself shouting at the TV set and in the end crying at what, to me, was a criminal injustice. The worst thing for me is that you will never get all those days back that you spent incarcerated.
I wish you long life young man. May your days be filled with love, laughter and good health.
Kindest regards,
Elizabeth H (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Chloe Newgent

Hello Marty,

I'm nineteen years old and currently in college studying Prelaw with every intent to go on to law school. As I sat in my dorm room this afternoon, my attention was struck by your story (A&E), and it was truly astonishing to me. People like you, with warm character and an undeniable sense of perseverance, often go overlooked. Your struggle and determination to prove your innocence is more admirable than anything I've ever seen. I just couldn't help but wonder what motivation pushed you through each day. Again, this is truly worthy of such praise, and all too often overlooked.

Your journey reminds me of a favorite quote of mine, "Impossible is nothing" and you are certainly living proof of that.

-Chloe N (Indianapolis, IN)

Melissa Silvia

Helllo Mr. Tanleff,
I am beyond sorry for you ordeal, and don't even want to imagine the brutality that you suffered in prison, but I am wondering if you are still trying to get justice for your parents. You are truly are a victim of a corrupt system, but your poor parents are the ultimate victims, as they brutally lost their lives. Do you think that they will ever get justice?

Lynn Morgan

I just finished the book Criminal Injustice and was wondering if Steuerman, Kent, Creedon, et al have or ever will be held accountable for the murder of your parents?

lori morrison

hi marty. i watched your story tonight on the ID channel. i am so glad that you were proven innocent. you are a very brave person.

Cheryl Shaver

Does Marty know his birth parents?

Eleanor Schilling

Hi Marty,I watched your trial on TV and thought you were guilty. Now I am so sorry for the injustice that was done to you. I hope you are able to make the best positive adjustment to what happened to you and your parents.Cheers for the family members and friends who helped you find justice.

Eleanor Schilling

A. Lindquist

Saw your story on TV today. I hope you do go on to change the legal system. Too many DA's / prosecutors have an agenda that only involves getting themselves a conviction as fast and as often as possible. The guy that convicted you should be slapped with malpractice. He NEVER did his due diligence. The legal system can be so corrupt.

Good luck! We need you.

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