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June 30, 2008


Barbara in NJ


Its really OVER!!

How happy I am for you. You fought so hard for this day to come. You beat all the odds. You're a free man forever!

I will continue to read this board; I don't post on it, so I hope you read this. I have not forgotten about you.

God bless you as you move on with your life. I believe you will be instrumental with changing the way "confessions" are done. The law could even be named after you!
Your friend,


Marty, Congratulations on the outcome of today's session. I pray the true killers of your parents will be found. I believe if we pray, God will lead the authorities to them.
I will pray for you as you start the next phase of your life. God Bless You,
"Grammy" Betty

tom L

tom l

scott and danielle b

Marty, congratulations and god bless you. We can't imagine what you've gone through...we were also 17 and living on LI when your nightmare started and your story has been on our minds till this day.

Victor Salvo

Hi Marty -

I burst into tears when I read it was finally over. What you have been through is beyond comprehension for all of us. That you seem so at peace is a Blessing. Be that as it may, I hope you sue everybody with a pulse that was responsible for framing you in the place, before they proceeded to railroad you for two decades in order to avoid having their involvement and knowledge revealed to protect their own big butts. The people who did this to you are despicable. They say what goes around comes around - are you listening Mr. McReady? - though God only knows when exactly that will be. In the mean time - you have my permission to bankrupt Suffolk County, Long Island and the entire damn State of New York for what has been done to you. You deserve no less.

Best of Luck. You remain in my prayers.

Victor Salvo

Rob - Long Island


I hope you get what you deserve from all of those who took 17 years from you.

I hope that the killers get what they deserve now, and not just after they die.

And I hope that your parents see justice done, and rest easy.

G-d bless.

Tasha Yielding

Marty,I am so releived and excited for you and your family. When I first heard your story, I cannot even describe how angry I was that you had to endure something so disheartening and unjust. I will never forget the inspiration that your experience has left me with or the lasting impression that your strength has given to many. You are truly amazing!


I'm looking forward to seeing the great thngs you accomplish over the next few years marty!
And I'm real sorry about your mom and dad.
The corruption in our 'system'is horrifying.Thanks for helping me to open my eyes.Your tragedy has made an impact marty.I'm sorry you had to endure all this butplease believe it wasn't for nothing.I've watched your case since day one...You deserved nothing less than a full exoneration.

Judge Stuart Namm (Ret)

Congratulations to Marty and all of his family. It was more than a long time coming and more than justified, but it is sad that this was only half a victory. Too bad that the Attorney General's office didn't have the guts or the inclination to finish the story. Unfortunately, I have seen this happen before. They'd been handed the true perpetrators on a silver platter through great investigative work by Marty's team, and for reasons known only to them, chose not to proceed any further against those who conspired to cause Seymour and Arlene Tankleff their untimely deaths!

Judge Stuart Namm (Ret)


Dearest Marty, I have seen your story several times on tv (most recently just a few days ago) and every time I pray for you. Reading this news today that your ordeal is finally over has made me know that God truly does listen to us when we pray. I am so happy for you, dear, and hope that the rest of your life is filled with blessings. You surely deserve them. With love in Christ, Jill


I am relieved and happy at this outcome, as I have been following this case for years and have advocated for support for Marty among friends and family.

But I am still troubled that people (i.e., Steuerman and friends) are getting away with murder.

Will there be any work done to try to bring them to justice?


Hoo- rah! I have followed your case since it was first shown on American Justice and knew you were innocent. As a black man in america I know how a person can be convicted of something they did not do. Even though I have not experienced it first hand, I feel a kinship with you and feel you are my brother. I know that you will accomplish many great things and will help others who who been victims of prosecutorial misconduct. Cheers to Marty!

Siser Angelene

Several pair of rosary beads are worn out - but I never doubted. Be on your way, Marty

God is so very, very good and has been especially to you.

Sr. Angelene

Ric S.

Marty, hi!

Congratulations! After spending so many years in jail, you’ve finally received justice. Justice, though, remains elusive for your parents, as their murderer(s) remain(s) free. Nonetheless, here’s wishing you the best in your schooling and future career. To your Legal Team, a job very well done!

If you ever decide to get back at those people who maliciously prosecuted you – the police, the detectives, the District Attorney’s Office, ADA Lenny Lato – you would have my support. The corruption and unethical investigative practices by Suffolk County’s prosecutorial agencies stink to the high heavens.

Your case reminds me of another one that is yet to be tried in Suffolk County. The defendants in this case fear with good reason that they might be victims of the District Attorney’s lack of impartiality and objectivity to the facts of the case. I refer to the Filipino nurses’ case that involves a politically-connected enterprise called Sentosa. I’ve known of the nurses’ case because I met them professionally. They got indicted last year, after Sentosa sought a private audience with Tom Spota (he received political contributions from Sentosa’s lawyer), and ADA Lenny Lato (Long Island’s Nifong) railroaded the grand jury proceedings by not presenting the ruling by the New York State Education Department that the nurses had already been cleared of alleged patient abandonment as complained of by Sentosa. Worst of all, Walter Warkenthien submitted a distorted investigative report that contained at best half-truths of the facts of the case. In other words, the D.A.’s office was hell-bent on prosecuting and, as early as now, convicting these nurses (and their lawyer), through the court of public opinion. In fact, the D.A.’s office (especially, Lato) continues to feed media the lie that the nurses had allegedly “walked out on their patients”, when the truth was that they never did. I just hope that the Attorney General’s Office also takes over the criminal prosecution, and moves to have the indictments dismissed. Because if it does not, these nurses (and their lawyer) will be another Marty Tankleff in the future. Such an outrageous and sad episode ion our legal system (your case, Marty) should never be allowed to happen again.

Best wishes,
Ric S. (of Long Island & Florida)

Tiffany / Arkansas

Congrats!!! May God Bless You even more in the days to come.

beth mitchell

hooray for Andrew Cuomo, a righteous gentile who has now permanently released you from bondage!

celebrate your first independence day completely exonerated and start planning your dreams; hopefully, some will come true. life is but a dream as you know so well, so live everyday as if it were your last!!

boca raton

p.s. everyone at boca west knows steuerman's reputation. he is personna non grata, in a prison of his own making......

Terri Hamel

It was touching to read about Sister Angelene's rosary beads becoming worn out. This is a beautiful testimony of people carrying the love of the Lord.

I hope that you'll write a book, Marty, that includes a call for legal reform and the taping of
"confessions". Blessings always,


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