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January 18, 2008


Suffolk Supporter

I am quite sure that when Creedon and Kent watched Marty's hearing on Television and when they heard that Bruce is requesting DNA evidence from them, they must have soiled their pants right there.
Their jaws must have dropped and they are probably thinking what their next move will be. They should start by getting fitted for prison orange jumpsuits.

Robert L. Olson

I agree wholeheartedly with Suffolk Supporter. I just find it absolutely revolting that Tom Spota gave both Creedon and Kent the DA's "seal of approval" when he summarily dismissed both as the logical suspects in the murders of Seymore and Arlene Tankleff. How outrageous would it be that Spota's insistence on their innocence would hinder their prosecution by the special prosecutor? Can you imagine the DA becoming a witness for their defense and his malfeasance being used to secure their acquittal? It makes one wonder whose side Suffolk County's chief prosecutor is on. The guilty or the innocent?


They should leave Marty alone for goodness sakes! The entire injustice that this man had endured due to a conniving prosecutor who should be tried for the negligence way he handled the entire case. He could keep telling him self that, but i hope on the inside he will be damned until his last day. He should have been investigated from day one. 94% conviction rate? he must be the luckiest SOB on this planet, or the most corrupted. I watched 48 Hours, today January 26th, 2008 and I couldn't believe my eyes. The common sense in some of these higher-ups is just not there. I am still besides myself that there could be a possibility that Marty could be tried again? Have the Courts and the Prosecutors lost their minds?


I have been following Marty's case since it was first shown either on A&E or on Court TV, I am not sure where I saw it first. I do, however, know that the case has been covered multiple times due to the fact that the case was so weak and that there was clearly police malfeasance involved from the very beginning. Not until tonight's 48 Hours update and reading of the information on this website, did I realize how far and how grotesque the misconduct and outright criminal behavior was of Det. James McCready. I am sure that the 30 day investigation by the AG's office in NY is for them to get their ducks in a row so that they can clear Marty's name once and foreall and then start the dual investigations into the Suffolk Co. police dept. and the DA's office as well as to build the criminal case against the actual killers.
On a lighter note: Marty, I wish you all of the best in law school. You will be a great lawyer as well as one with a type of empathy that is rarely found in the members of our legal profession. Clearly you have decided to use this terrible injustice rendered against you to make the lives of others at least a little better and I am sure you will be able to accomplish that and much more. All of us out here in the rest of the country who have followed your case for years or just for tonight send our best wishes to you and your family as you start this new chapter of your life. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!


Congratulations Marty I have been watching your story unfold on 48 Hours and finally your free. Goodluck in college I hope you become a great attorney someday. Best Wishes and may God be with you.


I, too, watched the 48 hrs show tonight and was SO happy to see you drinking your coffee on the deck, a free man about to start college--you'll LOVE it!!! I'm so happy for you and glad your family finally has you back.

Of course I've seen other shows about you over the years. One thing that always struck me was the lead investigator's absolute insistence on your guilt in light of contradictory evidence. My graduate degree is in psychology, and I'm interested in forensics. Of course, I think police interview tactics have probably improved on the whole, but one area that seems to STILL plague us is when a DA just WON'T look at new evidence. The appeals process is FAR from perfect. The DA who prosecuted your case seemed to be one of those "bulldog" prosecutors--it's sad that they can build a career (in some cases) on the backs of innocent people and then flat out refuse to open their eyes to truth and be advocates for REAL justice because of politics...Surely we could overcome THAT problem.

Society is not benefited by cops and DAs who stick to their original theory of a crime out of cowardice, afraid to lose their position, reputation, or job while the ACTUAL criminals still walk among us...

I did wonder, though, Marty...are you going to be partying at all?? If I were you, I'd be looking for a DATE!!! I can't IMAGINE, though, the difficulties your notoriety will pose!!!

Good luck, buddy!!!


I've been following this story from the beginning on 48 Hours, American Justice (what a contradiction in this case!), and any other show that aired this story. I see many shows and often wonder if the person is innocent (everybody is, aren't they?); however, with Marty I was sure he was innocent. I have been checking the site and was elated to see he was freed. Kudos to you Marty and the best of luck with college! You'll be a wonderful lawyer.

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