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January 21, 2008



I see that the letter is not signed. Was this a copy?
I also see that it was sent certified, return receipt requested. Was there documentation as to whether it was mailed?
If in fact it was sent and certified ,what precluded Judge from allowing it into evidence?

Doctor News

I don't know if it was sent or received. I assume it was a copy. The point is that it was evidence of possibly strong motivation for Steuerman and corroboration of what Marty had told McCready, and it was in plain sight hours before Marty "confessed."


Jerry demanded money from someone i know very very well before he took off for california. someone else related to the person he demanded the money (also known as a note)from had to 2nd mortgage their home or else the person would lose his bagel shop!!! Jerry is a killer pig & so are many others known to & related to him!!!!!!!


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That letter asks for fifty thousand, not five hundred thousand.

Doctor News

Correct. Seymour was demanding an installment of $50,000 on the half million. Seymour knew Jerry didn't have the full amount, which was why Jerry would make small payments to Seymour at the poker games.


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I'm reading the book and I am completely baffled that so many people were involved in putting away an innocent man. The politics and egos were so much more important than doing the right thing. I am terrified by our judical system and have lost complete faith in it. I hate to think how many other times this has happened and not been fixed! 17 years! God bless you Marty! Those despicable men will get theirs someday and I can only hope you will be able to live the rest of your life in peace.

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