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January 03, 2008



Have fun skiing but dont break a leg ..you have been siting long enough!

Dawn Dutra

Enjoy your life from now on, Marty. You have earned it. I wish you all the happiness in life and that you will achieve all of your dreams. Good luck....and God Bless

Robert L. Olson

Don't downplay your part in all of this Doctor News! Lonny Soury has been publicly acknowledged as a pro bono public relations expert volunteering his time for Marty. And Lonny has done a great job. However, this is the first time many Long Islanders got a chance to see Eric "Rick" Friedman, the person known to everyone of Marty's supporters worldwide as Doctor News! I can't think of anyone I would want to advocate on behalf of me. Rick is being rather modest in not drawing attention to himself but for years now, Rich has managed to encapsulate tons of information in a very readable and understandable (very important to not very educate guys like me) format. This website has become almost a home to me and many all over the globe who visit it tens times a day, everyday for as long as it has been in existence. I really don't know what we are going to do with ourselves once it is finally shutdown, having accomplished its mission. I know I will certainly be looking forward to following Doctor News' next big mission from God.


From Cablevision Editorials

January 4, 2008

A miscarriage of justice.

For seventeen years, supporters of Marty Tankleff have argued that point to all who would listen: to reporters, to state and federal courts, and to all those Long Islanders who logged into Tankleff's website to buy "Free Marty" t-shirts to aid in his defense.

And free Marty they did.

Recently, a state appellate court ruled that Tankleff should get a new trial, saying new evidence suggested others had killed Marty's parents in their Belle Terre home seventeen years ago, years that Marty Tankleff has spent behind bars.

All of this left Suffolk DA Tom Spota on the spot, criticized for how his office contested the new evidence. To his credit, Spota has asked Governor Spitzer to name a special prosecutor to handle the matter, and will soon dismiss all charges against Tankleff.

To celebrate, members of "Team Tankleff" gathered with Marty for a press conference. Praise is due to all: especially Bruce Barkett and his other pro-bono lawyers; his cousin, Ron Falbee; and Jay Salpeter, the private investigator who gathered such compelling evidence that it convinced the Appellate Division to order a new trial.

Their persistence has been rewarded. If there ever is another trial, they now know, it will involve other defendants.

My Response:

I definitely feel Marty was the scapegoat in the whole murder investigation of his parents with the REAL killers still out there. Marty's confession was coerced and unsigned by Marty and he has continuously professed his innocence.

I am happy his persistence of claiming his being innocent has paid off and charges against him have been dismissed by District Attorney Tom Spota.
Now, maybe they will be able to investigate , arrest , charge and place on trial the real killers who brutally murdered The Tankleff's. May justice be served upon them especially in light of all the new Evidence that was founded by Private Investigator Jay Salpeter.

Now Marty has the most difficult task in his life of trying to regain his life of years lost.

Crystal Loggins

wow! you look so unbelievably happy skiing! I am so very happy for you! Enjoy! Be safe.

marc lerner

Marty,I am so happy that the justice system finally came thru for you,as you and I know it is not always a justice system but rather a legal one!!! YOU will make a difference in the future for so many people!!!

My best to you and your new beautiful well deserved LIFE!!

Marc(Paul and Myra's son)


you were innocent from the start, they made a big fat mistake by accusing you . . . Welcome back home..Happy New Years God-bless you my friend a fellow Blogger

Merry Borut (Matthew Boruts mom)

Marty, I am very happy you are now able to begin your life as an innocent and free young man. Matt and I always knew you were innocent. You deserve a life of joy and happiness starting now and forever.


For you, 2008 holds even great things. What a wonderful, empowering and positive start to the new year - all I can say is FINALLY!! I wish you only the best and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and you adjust to this "new" life!
Keep believing!

CeCe Faust

What an incredible whisp of glory to be exhonerated so powerfully. As a law school hopeful myself, I say, "Here! Here!" I'm left inspired.

Take care.


It is so great to see you smile and have fun. More good times to come !!! God bless and welcome home.

ruth kling

i have watched this case from day one...along with my interest in the case, i have been a lifelong friend of the tankleff family (marty's first cousin, autumn tankleff) and have waited impatiently for the day marty would be free and the true killers put behind bars....this travesty of justice is hopefully on the road to finding those criminals and also prosecuting the detective who falsely accused marty without ever making an effort to truly investigate this case....welcome home marty....enjoy the rest of your life surrounded by all those who love and care for you...and never faltering in their belief of your innocense


hey marty do u actually read this or is there another site YOU actually see yourself? want to talk to you..

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