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January 12, 2008


Traci Smith

When is this going to end for Marty. I thought they had already stated that they would drop the charges against him. When will he finally be able to relax and enjoy his life. When will justice be served for Arlene and Seymour? I am so disgusted with Soffolk county. I feel like I need to do something to help. Please let me know. Justice will be served eventually, so please keep your spirits up,Marty and know that your parents are very, very proud of you.
Take care of yourself and NEVER give up, those disgusting bastards will get what is coming to them in this life or on Judgement day!!
Traci Smith

Seek justice for death-row inmate Darlie Routier. If anything she deserves a new trial.


OMG is this for real? This is totally unfair to Marty. When will this injustice end.


i think about marty all the time....he will stay free...im prayin for my son tonite he goes to c.i court tomorrow.alot of injustice going on here too..i hope the truth prevails for both of these beautiful men!

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