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January 26, 2008



Is this Detective McCready "For Real"???
94% confession rating from his agency..come on!--wonder WHY that is..?
What an arrogant, ignorant jerk.
Makes me embarrassed to say I'm a New Yorker especially when I also work in Law-Enforcement for this State. Glad he isn't a co-worker of mine.


I just finished watching 48 Hours and was so happy to FINALLY see the correct resolution in your case! Justice was a long time in coming, but it was forced to look you in the eye at long last and see the truth. Congratulations! I have no doubt that the special investigation will exonerate you. Good luck to you, Marty -- you certainly deserve only good things from here on out!


P.S. James McCready's name should be James McCreepy!


After watching last nights program of 48 hours about Marty, One things for sure. McCready is full of himself and he definately put his foot in his mouth while on the show. The show also pointed out that Steuerman now lives in an Upscale neighborhood down south. Wonder where he got the money from ? I hope both McCready and Steuerman and those involved in the murders are indicted soon.
Marty, Best of Luck attending school!! This is just the first step of getting your life back . Love Ya !!!


So glad to see the 48 Hours episode highlighting your story Marty. I believe in your innocence and find it heartbreaking that an innocent man spent 17 years incarcerated. I look forward to hearing about the full and final clearing of your name. Best wishes for great success in college!


Now that the absolute right decision has been made and Marty can finally begin to put his life back together, charges need to be brought against this McCready idiot. Not only that, I pray that true justice is found and those who are guilty (we already know who you are!)get their due. From the very first time I heard about this case, I believed in Marty's innocence. Lot's of people out here in the world love you Marty and wish you all the very best. God Bless you and your family!

Marry me Marty

Being that Long Islands Newsday wouldn't print this like they said they would be doing. I decided to post it here.

Dear Editor of Newsday;

As a friend to Marty Tankleff, I am quite upset over the coverage of him
attending school."Unease over Tankleff's Hofstra studies "
I can understand covering his court case progress but following
him to college and reporting where he is attending and what classes he will
take, really should be kept out of the media. Now Newsday is turning into
the Hollywood photographers chasing celebrities. By reporting which college Marty Tankleff is
attending you have breeched his safety and other students attending Hofstra.
Newsday has created the biggest scare tactic among students attending that School.

I think it's time for Newsday and other media sources to stay out of his
personal life and let him have a little bit of privacy. You should only be
reporting updates on his court case progress. People are getting tired
already of hearing what Marty eats, where he goes, What street he lives on
and what town he lives in or who he talks to. Enough already.
Now I am concerned for his safety. The article written about Marty and how people proceeded
him attending the college could adversely affect his ability to get an education at Hofstra or anywhere else.
Marty Deserves to have the best education just like anyone else attending this college. Give him that chance.
I would like to see Marty granted his privacy especially in his personal
life. I certainly hope you will not be reporting who he is dating and where
he goes on a date with someone.
Give Marty the Privacy that he deserves.


The Psychiatrist M. Scott Peck, author of the "Road Less Traveled" has defined evil as "the use of political power to prevent one's own or someone else's spiritual growth."

By this definition, I consider Detective McCready to be the very face of evil. The way the man insulates himself from curiosity and doubt in discussing the case is chilling. The police and the District attorney in this case threw all the political power at their disposal to suppress any questioning of their judgement. You see it again and again: police and prosecutors who will never never never admit the possibility of a mistake. And yet mistakes are made. It happens all the time.

Rita Viviano

Dear Marty, I have been following your case since the very beginning. However, I missed the recent news that you were released. The 48 Hours show is replaying in my area so I decided to check out the Blog site & see how things were going & Hurray -- you're out!! Marty, as a mother of a son who is now just your age but who was able to lead a normal teenage life; a fast & furious college life & is now settled down with a family of his own, I hope that you will be able to forgive the people that didn't stand up with you. I will never understand how Det. McCreedy can sleep at night. I hope he will be eventually outed as the unscrupulous individual that he is. God Bless you Marty.

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