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December 30, 2007


Robert L. Olson

Doctor News: I must again reiterate my admiration for what this website has done to further Marty's cause. Marty has been blessed by the finest attorneys anywhere. The fact that they have been working pro bono is even more amazing. Marty's fortunes were reversed the moment private investigator Jay Salpeter decided to take Marty's case. As the whole world knows, Jay developed the evidence that has made Marty's recent successful appeal possible. However, I have always felt that Marty's case was as much a public relations battle as a legal one. I think no one could have waged that battle as successfully as Soury Communications. And, you too, did all your countless hours of amazing work for free!!!It was truly a labor of love on your part and I can't think of anyone who could encapsulated all the tons and tons of information about Marty's more than Doctor News! Kudos bro! I think the fun has just begun! Seriously, I have always felf that Marty's is a landmark case and based on all the recent worldwide publicity, others share my belief! Congratulations for all the blood, sweat and tears you have put into Marty's case which has had its "ups and downs" the last several years. Your tenacity has paid off in the form of true justice not just for Marty but for all of us!!!

Susan Finkelstein

Mazel Tov! I suffer from advanced breast cancer and I hoped to see this day come while I was able to. 18 years! 18 years! Where is the outrage?

Be well, Marty. I will be there in Riverhead in 2 weeks to hopefully cheer you on when you hear you are free without a retrial.

Susan Finkelstein
Long Island, NY

Kelly Francisco

This must be a VERY Happy New Year for you, Marty.
I can't believe Suffolk County is even thinking about a retrial. They should just back out as gracefully as they can, considering the facts that have come to light in this case. Truly unbelievable! One can only shake one's head and ask 'What are they thinking?'
How sad to have lost both your parents, at 17, then having to spend literally half your life trying to prove you didn't do it. Thank God for those who believed in you, and worked to make this day happen.
Bless you all, and Marty, may you truly walk free very soon.
Take care.

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