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December 23, 2007


Robert L. Olson

Good for you Doctor News! The pendulum is certainly swinging in Marty's favor and no small thanks to you. Seems to me that Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota is finding himself in even a worse pickle that Mike Nifong in the Duke Lacrosse scandal. Spota would be a complete fool to retry Marty's case. However, if he is that stupid than let him bring hasten his own political demise. I doubt that there will be too many people crying over Spota's inevitable downfall.


Martin's adopted sister must at this time feel rediculous, she was so gungho on the fact that marty must suffer, she was way to insistant, even I thought this child is being a scape-goat....


I am so happy for you! been following this for years. familar with a few involved..You deserve more than words can say! maybe one day our paths will cross...I wish you all the best....


I know what it feels like to be wrongly accused and the frustration that guy has been through must be horrendous. from now on just look forward and good luck in all you do.

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