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December 24, 2007


John Wheeler

It's all about money. The DA must at least attempt to retry Mr. Tankleff simply because Mr. Tankleff stands to gain millions in reparations for wrongful imprisonment and prosecutorial misconduct in his original conviction. I hope he takes the DA to the cleaners! Marty deserves it, and the DA deserves to be dressed down for incompetence — and have to pay dearly for it!

Neil Guilmette

One wonders why the chief homicide detective chose NOT to seek any other possible perpetrators of this horrendous crime. One also wonders why, with all the additional evidence coming to light, on top of the behavior of Jerry Steurmann immediately after the crime, his monetary ties to the deceased etc. etc. etc. this same homicide detective chose to ignore that which any non trained detective couldn't help but stumble over.

One doesn't have to wonder why, after the additional evidence unearthed by Mr. Salpeter, nothing was done and the DA's office adamantly continued to refuse to adress the obvious. It's kind of like shining a light on cockroaches - they run for cover rather than face the light.

The repercussions would have been huge for the detective, his superiors, the DA and his staff, not to mention the convictions of many others the same detective "found to be guilty". It's not just about the money that Marty should receive in recompense for this gang of thieves and liars stealing 20 years of his life - It's about the dysfunction of the system and the old fact that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
It is shamefull that so many in power would sacrifice 20 years of a young mans life to keep the light of truth from shining on them.
Marty, may God bless you and help you to live the rest of your life with joy and abundance. Keep making life happen for you. Congratulations.

karen cross

I hope Marty reigns in his quest for exoneration. DA should give up 20 years of his life. Investigate this crime properly this time and prosecute the real killer(s).
Why were the police allowed to interrogate a 17 year old orphan without a lawyer present? This is an American right. The Suffolk County police, detectives and DA were all bullies who just wanted a quick solution to solving a crime. Marty, I'm so happy you are having your day- keep the faith and know there are a lot of good people supporting you.

Rob Alberti

I followed your case for the past couple of years. It is tragic how the folks in the Suffolk PD and DA were surrounded by conflicts of interest yet they were never called on this before.

There own denial of failure is what robbed you of your freedom for 20 years.

It amazes me how the DAs office has conveniently given every other obvious suspect in this case a pass or a green light.

Hopefully the special prosecutor will uncover the truth about not only those who are supposed to be protecting the public but finally about those suspects who were involved in your parents death.

Your parents deserve justice.

Best wishes and best of luck to you. Please enjoy your life to the fullest.

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