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December 27, 2007


James Scalici

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy for you Marty. Your family and legal team get a big cheer as well, but let it be known that YOU are the bravest of all. I can't imagine the hell that you have lived for 19 years while that dirtbag drug dealing partner of your Dad's has walked free.

Enjoy your new freedom and when the excitement wears off, I hope your legal team clears your name, convicts who should be convicted and arranges to get you paid the money that you would have gotten, earned and spent 10000 times over. Unfortunately, nothing can replace the time you were robbed of, but as far as Suffolk County is concerned, I hope your break them. They should work for you.

ENJOY YOURSELF and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!


Marty.....This is not only a Blessed event for you and your family...it is long-awaited justice for you and the American public. It took much too long, but FINALLY, some GOOD men took the time and interest to see what has been CLEAR to everyone and anyone who knows your story. We have prayed so hard for this day! You are owed 19 years of your life and the right to be free and happy and healthy for the remainder of your life. I have never felt true hatred in my heart before....but for the evil, lying, perverted scum who literally forced you into prison for their own selfishness, laziness and deceitfulness.....KARMA will surely get them. They will slowly decay and rot into the pile of garbage they are......and slither into a sewer hole...and remain the fecal matter we all know them to be. There is no hope for them....they are doomed.

Tracy Laperriere

You deserve it Marty! Enjoy the time with your family. You have been a hero to me for years!

Deb & Jim Karlin

Our blessings to you... we hope the balance of your life will be as free as possible of the memories of what you had to endure. We know better than most the strength and character you showed inside; and the number of people you helped along the way. We and one other wish we could be present to share your joy and give you a big hug. Enjoy... (and stay in touch!)
Deb & Jim Karlin

Tiffany Anne

It is so wonderful that this has all happened! I know you were only dreaming of these days and now they are a reality for you. I was just getting ready to send you a Christmas card with my photos from Ireland that I took [and yeah I owe you Hawaii ones as well!] when I read the news update on you. I thought I'd wait it out until more news came through.

CONGRATULATIONS - and cheers to happier times ahead for certain!!!

Sending hugs,

Lois Naumann

I am a retired Port Jeff teacher and you were in my reading class in the sixth grade. I am so happy that you are finally home and with your family. I do hope that justice will finally be served and that everyone will know what your supporters already know: that an innocent man spent 19 years in prison for something he did not do. I wish you well.

Kevin harrington

Thank God,
Its been a long time in comming .Thank You Marty for holding it together all these years. You have been an inspiration to me personally. Fighting the good fight and holding on a day at a time.This is the first step in getting justice for you your mom and dad and family and all the people who have come to care for you.


19 years of prayers answered, congratulations Marty! Wishing you the best and continuing to keep you and your family in prayer. God bless you and Happy 2008!




Glad to see your free Marty! I watched the trial and the media coverage and always believed you were wrongfully convicted! I hope now attention can turn to those that I believe really committed the murder. I mean come on..look at the evidence it obvious who did it and who was behind it and THEY should be investigated in all ways possible. "Mcgreedy" is a real slimebag and crooked as the day is long if you ask me! WHY WAS HE THERE AT ALL ON A DAY OFF??? Inquiring minds should want to KNOW!
I would not however be surprised if the DA's office chooses instead to waste more tax money on a re-trial. I hope not!
I wish you well Marty and hope you have a good life, you deserve it now. Be well!

Phil McCoy

Hey Marty, WOW I'm soooo Happy For You !, I hope All of This Should be Over very Soon and You can Go on to Living a Nornal Life again..I hope You can be able to Write about What has Happened To You so You can tell The Whole World about Your Ordeal and Maybe They will make into a Movie,so You can Recoup some Money to Help You to Live again and If I was You Sue Police Agency and District Attornies Office also.. Oh I'm sorry for Your Loss of Your Parents,But I'm sure They Know That You are a Good Son & They know You are Innicent also !!


i don't normally post comments online in response to anything, but i am moved to do so so here. i am the same age as marty and also grew up on long island. i was horrified when he was convicted and have been convinced of his innocence all along. welcome home marty; you deserve nothing but the best from this day forward. may your parents now rest in peace.

Murray Polner

I met Jay Salpeter when we both worked out in a GT Neck gym. Jay, an experienced and committed investigator, told me Marty's story and since then I have always believed in his innocence.


Yea to you, Marty, your family, and your team of legal experts! It's gratifying to have one's belief borne out by the court's decision. I, for one, will be following your continued fight closely and sending you all my best.

Anna Krausert

I have followed Marty's story since seeing it on a late night investigation show on tv 4 years ago here in Australia, I have told my friends about the injustice that had occured to this youg man.I have keenly awaited emails to update me of his progress, and cried many a time with frustration over the justice system.But this morning I cry tears of joy and happiness that finally Marty is finaly recieving a fair trial, and is with his family.I have no doubt that Marty is innocent and this will be finally be proven after so many years.God bless you Marty, and watch over you and all of your 'angels 'that have fought so hard for you to be given a fair trial.I am sure your parents have been watching over you the last 19 years and waited for your innocence to be proven.Marty,if ever you would like to visit Australia , drop me a line ,it would be a pleasure to have you as a guest in our home.




I've only followed your story in recent years, but it truly brought me to tears. I am so happy to hear of your release and I wish you the very best.

Kelly Tarzian

God Bless you and your family.
I hope the new year brings you justice and peace.
My thoughts and prayrs will be with you and your family.

debra covington

i cannot tell you the feeling of joy i got when i recieved the email this morning you are home. i know nothing can replace the 19+ years you spent locked up fighting, but sweetie, you are a free man and now will have the rest of your life to make up for lost time. God is truly watching over you marty...only wish it had been so much sooner. it breaks my heart thinking of each and everyday you spent in prison wondering if you would ever be free again..now you are..god bless you marty and you have shown this world that perseverance pays..i hope you go on to be a motivational speaker for others..you have so much knowledge to share..i know you will do great out here..sincerely debra covington

jeanne king

welcome home. i am so happy for you and of course for your family but also for Jay who I know worked so hard for your release. I am a book writer of true crine and I met with Jay a few years ago to discuss eventually doing your book. i'm ready and whenever you and jay want to get together. in the meantime, learn how to use the cell phone. my number is 212-513-7091. see you soon, xxooo jeanne king

Debbie from Indiana

Marty, welcome home! I am so happy for you and your family and friends. I have believed in your innocence since my husband and I watched the segment on 48 Hours. I know you are a strong person and will be able to move forward and make a great contribution to society. I truly believe that your parents will now be able to rest in peace. Best wishes to you in 2008.

Suzanne Tunstall


Welcome home!!!!!! I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am for you and your family members. I've been a steadfast believer in your innocence since day one. To see you finally get your freedom brought me to tears. Since I was at work yesterday, I took my break early and called home. My son put the phone up to the TV and I heard everything on News 12 since I couldn't watch the live broadcast. I wouldn't have missed it for anything. Your
perseverance, emotional strength and courage have always been inspiring to me. I wish you the best of luck in whatever endeavors you may pursue and of course my prayers and support are with you as you face any legal battles that may come up against you.

I was part of the original group who met at Rev. Hill's church back in May 2006 to brainstorm and get some ideas going on how to publicize your plight even more. Let me tell you that I am proud to wear my "Marty Didn't Do It" T-shirts and buttons as well as display my "Free Marty" bumper sticker.

Enjoy your newfound freedom and take one day at a time. Wishing you and your family all the best and a happy, healthy and safe New Year.

Tina Hopkins

I have been following your case since I saw an American Justice Episode about 5 years ago. Since then, I've watched everything that has been on TV and read everything about the case. I'm am very glad you are home with your family. I wish you the best and I'm sure you will not be going back to jail.



I am so HAPPY for you and your family. For years I followed your plight wondering how such injustice like this could happen.

May this be the beginning of a LIFE for you.

God BLESS YOU and Your Family!!


Hi Marty,

I have been following your case from the beginning. I don't know you personally, but I live locally. I knew from the start that you were innocent, and I just couldn't believe that they didn't find your case to be a mistrial....if for no other reason except that detective McCready lied to you about your father becoming conscience and told them you did it...isn't that coercion?
Anway, I watched you live when you came home yesterday, and I am so happy for you and your family. I continue to pray that all the charges against you will be dropped and the right people finally put on trial and put behind bars where they belong. Welcome home Marty!

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