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December 27, 2007


Sonya Bailey

Dear Marty,

I just wanted to say congratulations and I'm glad you are home. I have followed your case from the 48 hours Mystery and always believed you were innocent. I'm so glad to see that you are free at last. God Bless You in your future.
Sonya Bailey,
Hazard Kentucky

Amber-on the far left coast

Just finished watching your story on 48 hours. I just pray that the Lord of TRUTH guides the minds and hearts of those who can affect your FREEDOM, which you so duly earned. May God walk with you and carry you through the rest of your life. OH, and that original prosecutor is a slime and should be ashamed of himself. By the way, isn't the internet amazing? Look what it can do for YOU. God bless and keep you and may you feel the presence of the Holy Spirit all the days of your life.

Wendy Ruhl

I first became aware of you through 48 Hours Investigates and have since followed your case through the internet. Words can't say enough how happy I am for you...your release...as I have always believed in your innocence. You always have a friend and supporter in me.

Jo Ann

Marty - Having followed your case on 48 Hours, I'm so happy to see that you were released from prison. I cannot even imagine being incarcerated for such a long time for a crime that you didn't commit. I'm sure that your parents would have been very proud of the man you've become under such horrific circumstances. Good luck to you.

Jessica Gilman

Marty, It's Jimmy's sister, Jess! I saw on TV last night that you were released!! I'm SO happy for both you and your family for this wonderful occasion. I wish I could've been there to see it.

I knew you'd get out. If you can, keep in touch. Jimmy is doing well and is thrilled about the news.

Lots of love!

Jess Gilman

Theresa Cabral

I know it's been awhile since you have been Free now but,I just was watching your whole story on A&E Tv today.I have to say I was so moved by it.I would like to say every person involved in helping you clear yourself were amazing. I can only imagine the horror and emotional pain you and your family,friends, have endured though your trials and the years you had to stay in prison.Iam so happy that you stood so strong and believed you could one day proofed them wrong and everything has work out for you and now you are free to start a new life again.No one deserves it more then you do.

Craig D. Macklem


I just finished viewing Bill Curtis's American Justice featuring your case. I was appauled by the actions and inaction taken by the Suffolk County Police Department and the District Attorney. I was delighted to discover you had gained your freedom and those that worked toward this miracle shall be blessed in ways we will never know. I truly hope you can take legal action against the county and at the very least be awarded a significant monies so that at the very least earning a living for you and your family will never be among the worries of your future. I wish you inner peace again and know that your parents are also now finally at peace.
The very best to you Marty.

Roseanne Stanfa

Dear Marty,

I've never written to someone I didn't know but when I watched American Justice years ago and saw you imprisoned appealing your case, I said to myself “this is an innocent man” and felt you should be released. I just watched another airing of the show and saw you were released and interviewing with Bill Curtis, this is wonderful! I can't imagine what you have gone through, loosing your parents and then wrongfully imprisoned. But from what I can tell you are intelligent and have perseverance. I hope and pray you have a successful life. I know many others believed in you too.

God Bless and Take care,



I just watched your 48 hours episode. Im very happy for you. Its sad how corrupt our justice system is. I wish you well.


Dear Marty,
I first learned about your case around 2 years ago by a TV special, but it ended on a depressing note. Then last night, I happened upon the 48 Hours special, and was eager to hear the update. I was so happy when I found out that you are free and all charges dropped!
Please accept my best wishes for a happy future, and I hope your legal studies turn out well!

Mechanicsville, Virginia



I saw your story tonight on Oprah. I am sorry as an american citizen that more should have been done to assist in proving your innocence. Thank God you are free

Enjoy your purpose driven like

Administration of Justice Class PVHS Period 6

Dear Marty,
We saw the AE video in class and we felt you were inoccent from the get go. After all these years do you know better now to why you had confessed to a crime you did not comitt? Please get back to us if you wish.

Sharon Jones

I caught you on the Oprah show. I am so happy you got your life back again. You are so lucky to have had so many people behind you that believed in you and helped you to regain your freedom. You seem like a well grounded, balanced person. Thank God you didn't let being in prison change who you are inside. It's good that you are choosing a career that you will give you the opportunity to help others in the same situation you were in. I've discovered that justice isn't always fair. My own son is a victum of how people are considered guilty without a fair investigation. He wasn't properly represented by an atorney. His ex wife and daughter are considered to be 5150, they accused him of sexual abuse. He is mentally slow with only a 3rd grade level education and was easily missguided. After being held in jail for several months the court finally forced my son to accept a settlement and was threatened to be sent to a mental insitution until he did. He was unfairly convicted of sexual abuse and now has to file as a sex offender for the rest of his life. His family was torn from him and his son and wife suffered from CPS intervention. He was considered guilty and treated as a crimminal without fair representation. I can't believe the courts are so eager to convict. They focus on getting settlements so not to tie up the courts time. The lawyers, judges and DA's have no respect for people that end up incarcerated and could carless how they got there. I nolonger trust or feel protected by the law. When you get your license to practice law I would love to have you help my son overturn his convicton, if that's possible. He needs help to live and I worry how he will survive the future when I'm gone. Please contact me when you do. I wouldn't trust anyone else. Please send me you email address.

Claire Peters

Marty, I saw your story on
Oprah, and my heart goes out to you. My sister has been wrongly charged of murder. Your story has given me even more hope that one day my sister will be free. God Bless You! I wish you all the best of luck in the world! Good Luck at Law School! Congratulations on being released!

Jean Larson

I thank God that you have your freedom back. When I saw the trial footage on a repeat Oprah show yesterday, I thought, "Why was this CHILD on his own to deal with this double-tragedy and to face police and courts?!" My heart went out to the teenage you. As a mom, it made me ill to see you railroaded and left to fend for yourself in an unfair, cruel, corrupt legal process. I wish someone with power had come to your aid right away. I am so glad that you are finally free!!! I hope you can manage to carry on without bitterness. Nothing should be allowed to spoil your future now. God bless you!

laser engraving

Congrates Marty, best wishes to you


Soy de Chile en southamerica y acabo de ver tu historia por the biography channel, y me cuesta mucho creer se hayan cometido tantas irregularidades con tu caso, sentí que si había injusticia en el mundo, precisamente se estaba comentiendo contigo. Me quedé cautivada por los acontecimientos y por saber cuál era el final de la historia, pues ésta no llegaba a ninguna parte, por eso ingresé en tu página y me alegré mucho saber que al fin se había hecho justicia y que gracias a todas aquellas personas que creyeron en tu inocencia, ahora gozabas de la libertad que tan arbitrariamente se te había quitado; en todo caso no sería mala idea demandar a todos aquellos que cometieron tan grande injusticia, a pesar que eso no te devolvería el teimpo que pasaste en prisión. Que tengas una vida feliz después de todo junto a las personas que confiaron en ti y que te quieren.
Mis bendiciones.

kathleen gribschaw

I had just learned about your ordeal with your horrible experience. I just wanted to tell you that im so happy for you. I hope you live a long and happy life. and congrats on your career choice and its nice to see that hasnt affected your spirit.

kathi- pa

Emunz 840

I just completed watching a documentary about the mountains your mind, body, and spirit were forced to climb. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

You are a very handsome, intelligent, and eloquent man with a prosperous, healthy future ahead of you. I have also had challenges in my life (albeit certainly not to the degree of yours)and tip my hat to you and your family for the perseverence of spirit.


Evette Munz

P.S.: You are always welcome in Carmel, NY.


si yo que soy mexicana cuando vi por tv el programa de marty y fue sentenciado llore mucho por la injusticia ya que el era tan calido y tierno en su mirada no se miraba como criminar sino mas bien desconcertante ante la situacion... mil bendiciones para ti Marty dios te llenara de bendiociones cada dia , minuto y segundo que pasastes en la carcel injustamente te lo devolvera en puro DIAMENTE en bruto por el dolor sufrido nunca pierdas la FE que ya llego tu LUZ...... en horabuena cielo.

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