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December 27, 2007


Sarah Linden

You bravery and optimism throughout this whole horriffic affair was so inspiring... I wish you all the luck in the world for your re-trial and if there is a shred of justice left in the world, you will finally be completely free!!
Once again, my prayers and thoughts are with you.

ana lascala

i watched marty's trail from beginning to end. i was positive the jury was going to find him 'NOT GUILTY, when the decision of 'GUILTY' was read i cried or better yet i wailed. i could not believe what i heard, were we listening to the same trail i thought? i like marty have waited 19+ YEARS for his release. i don't know marty, never met him but his release has made me believe in the judicial system again.i want to wish him luck and to let him know that i believed in his innocense and i believe in him more now. MARTY GOD BLESS YOU AND HOLD YOU CLOSE TO HIM FOR THE REST OF YOUR VERY LONG LIFE.i am sad that i no longer live on long island as i know all of suffolk county is rooting for you.
again GOD bless you and have a good life.
ana lascala

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Heartiest congratulations to all: Marty; his loving family; Jay; his legal team; the judge who finally issued an intelligent, unbiased decision; the media; and all the people who have believed in Marty's innocence. God bless you all!

My earnest prayer now is that the district attorney will have the common sense to not refile charges against Marty, and will instead listen to the witnesses who have had the courage to come forward with the truth. Any other course of action will be a slap in the face of justice. Put your pride aside and find out who did murder Marty's parents.


Oh my gosh! This is so awesome Marty! We're so happy that you're home now! By the way we're only in Hawaii until April for ya to visit and then we move to Maryland!
~Michelle VP


Thank G-d your free Marty. There have been so many of us who have waited for this day for all these years. I am grateful for your legal council, family and friends who stood by you for all this time. I pray that they will not subject you to another trial but rather go after Jerry, who lives an easy life in Bocca and the crimminal law enforcement who lied, twisted truths and were totally corrupt during the horrible days following the murder of your parents. I believe your parents can now be at rest knowing that their son is free and with those who love him. Have a wonderful New Year and a wonderful new life.

Suffolk Supporter

Marty, So happy to hear you are home surrounded by family and friends. I sent key people close to you a contact number for you to keep in touch. Glad I was able to get upclose and personal with you before the car drove away from the court house parking lot. Happy New Year Marty !!!!!


I am the same age as Marty and I am from Patchogue. I have followed the entire affair and I am sooo overjoyed for Marty and his family. I am proud to have him back on Long Island. I am hoping that he enjoys quiet moments with his family and renewed hope in the New Year! Stay strong!

Suffolk Resident

May God bless you! Thank God you are out.

chibuzo onubogu

Congrats Marty! I knew you would be out soon. Every once in a while universal justice prevails on the side of truth. Dont worry there will be restitution for you and the conspirators are already paying.The true law of the universe will speak for you even further.

God bless

Sarina Kaplan

Can someone put up Marty's new contact info - email, regular mail, or otherwise...Want to send him a congratulations!

Nina Hufford

Your persevereance paid off. I am so happy for you. Have followed this from day one and always felt you were innocent. Good luck to you. Please try to enjoy the rest of your life, you so deserve to do so.

West Islip, NY


God bless this man and his family.

I do wonder though, was there EVER anyone who thought he was guilty of these murders, besides the scumbag that prosecuted him I mean?


I'm so happy for you and your family!!! You are all still in my prayers! Marty just keep your head high. It's almost over.

Beth D'Alessandro

Happy New Year Marty! I've been following your story since it appeared on Dateline. Fantastic news! I'm sure you're enjoying your freedom and I DO hope the people responsible for taking away 19 years of your life are held responsible for their unjust actions!

Thank God for your family that has supported you through this nightmare.
Now, enjoy your dream come true!

Beth D'Alessandro
Chelmsford MA


Congrats marty. Hopefulle Spota wont retry you, McCready would have to face the stand and face the people who say he had a prior relationship with Jerry S.

Its a great day for you! Yes, where can we send mail to congratulate you. Should we go through the attorneys.


Barbara Bernard Williamson

I went to school with Marty all my life and have always believed in his innocence. Congrats Marty and welcome home. I am so happy for you. We were never friends but, the case had too many discrepancies for a 17 year old. The trickery of McCready is disgusting and the lack of investigation into his "aquaintince" with Stuermen is appalling. welcome Home Marty and Congrats.


This has been a long time in coming. Mazel tov, Marty! God Bless you, Jay and your entire legal team who were relentless in their efforts on your behalf. I hope and pray that those corrupt people in the DA's office opt not to re-try this case. Everyone KNOWS YOU ARE INNOCENT. Now they need to put their energy and efforts into putting Jerry Steuerman behind bars.
Anyone who has followed this case, as so many of us have, KNOW THAT STEUERMAN was the real perpetrator of this crime. How INJUST that you served 19 years of what should have been Jerry Steuerman's sentence! Good luck and God Bless you Marty. I hope that you enjoy many, many blessings in your life as a free man. And I hope and pray that this travesty of justice and this nightmare is over for you for good!

Dot Van Cleave


Everyone who has worked & prayed for this day is celebrating your freedom. What a price you have paid. God Bless you as you awaken a FREE man tomorrow morning! Praise God!! You will continue to be in my prayers. I hope your dreams for your future come true for you, young man.



Welcome back to Your Life, Marty. Freedom is what you deserved to keep since the beginning. Your innocence has been something I was sure of since the morning the news of your parents horrific murders broke. I worked right near the bagel shop and ate there each morning. Jerry's involvement was clear to most of us since the day he dissappeared and went into hiding. I am so glad an officer of the court finally has acknowledged that there was way to much evidence to clear your name rather than to keep an innocent man behind bars. I just pray that the DA can see that as well. Please accept my heartfelt congratulations and prayers for you to have a quiet! and blessed New Year! Enjoy your freedom and your family. I am so happy for you that you have had such amazing support through all of these years.
Shari B

Sandy Brown

Marty - Happy New Year to you and your family and keep up the good fight! I wish you the best of luck going forward and hope that you finally get to live the free life you deserve. Your determination and persistence are an inspiration. Because we are the same age, your long struggle really hit home with me. In fact, the news of your release brought tears to my eyes!

Sandy Brown
Huntington Beach, CA


Congrates Marty!!! Would like to wish you and your family a happy healthy new year!Thank god this day has finally come, will keep you in my prayers and thoughts. God Bless

Jo Ann Singer

I cannot tell you how happy I am to hear this great news! I am so happy you are out of there, and all my thoughts and prayers are with you for a different outcome in the next trial - I know it will happen because you are innocent! Enjoy your freedom.....

Andrew Kolikoff

I cannot express how loud I shouted out in my home when I received the incredible news via email. My parents (who still live in Port Jefferson) were here visiting me in AZ and were also so pleased and excited as well. And while I feel guilty in not continuing my writing to you, please know that I have diligently and continually have followed your case and personal plight. Congratulations Marty. I can't imagine a better new year's dream come true. Now go out there and write a book, sell your story and make big $$$$$$. I know it can't make up for the 19 years taken away from you but at least you can enjoy the remainder of your living days with all the pleasures life has to offer. Warmest wishes and best to you always. Stay in touch and if you are ever out this way - Arizona - please let me know.

Penny Nelms

Marty Im just thrilled to pieces for you and your family! I enjoyed the letters we shared back and forth! Your perserverence has paid off! Lots of well wishes!
---The flight attendant from Texas! :)

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