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December 21, 2007



I was the wife of an acquaintance of Marty's during this first conviction. It was horrifying to know that he was innocent and that the Suffolk County police were not investigating the case completely.

Marty, although you never met me, but I will always admire your strength and courage. I am so glad you were released.

Gary Jarvis

The court's ruling is available on wnbc.com as a .pdf file. Now let's see how all the rats in Riverhead are going to scurry around trying to cover their butts. Someone in the "justice" system should take Marty's place at Great Meadows Correctional Facility when he comes home and Spota and his bullies might be a great place to start. Marty, God Bless You, you were right all along and I never doubted it for a minute.


Congratulation's Marty!!!!!!!!
My question is: Why do you have to wait for a bail hearing? When giving up half your life IS worth something! They should just let you free!
Question #2 - This was the "PEOPLE" VS MARTIN TANKLEFF; so what is the punishment for the "PEOPLE"? The biggest cover-up in Suffolk County.

Diana Richardson

I couldn't be happier!!!

Where is the chat room?

Judy  Zizlsperger

In a very stressful holiday season for me this year, the ruling today has brought Joy back into my heart! Finally some really great news. 2008 will be a whole lot brighter for you and your family. God Bless You, Marty!

Debbie from Indiana

Great news! I only hope that when this is finished, Marty will file a civil suit against Steuerman for the wrongful death of his parents, as well as against the state. His half-sister should be ashamed of herself for not standing by Marty. Of course, I believe she new the truth but was involved.

Bob Kaye from Florida

Marty you came to my mind recently and I was wondering how you were doing. I was leaving the supermarket tonight & caught the headline of your chance of a new trial. I believe in you are innocent, and hope you are vindicated and gain your freedom.

deb k, mom of dan

we knew it would finally happen. our prayers are with you as always. go, show us the system can finally do right!

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