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December 24, 2007


The Nady Family

On behalf of the Nady family, we would like you to know that we are thinking of you and you continue to have our full support. We hope for a positive outcome on Thursday.


I hope the New Year brings the justice Marty finally deserves! My wishes for a happy holiday season & Happy NEW YEAR to Marty & the Tankleff family.

Just a female reader

I have read these articles and think it was so hard and scary for Martin to sit in jail all these years for a crime he didn't commit, while the guy who did it goes free. Sounds like that same guy may do harm to Marty if he gets the chance (from the info on your site)...so I hope Marty can get some semblance of a life back and stay safe. Maybe go to college, find a girl who loves him. I know it's possible. He looks like a good guy.

J. Hindman

This is SO wonderful!!!! I am in NY at the moment and would love to come out for the hearing but due to a death in my family I can't. I hope everyone involved has an amazing new years!!! Marty will be free in just a few hours after all these awful years! Through my letters to him I have seen what a wonderful man he is and I wish him nothing but the best in the future!!!!!! Marty and the family have my best wishes for a wonderful 2008 and beyond!!! Just great news!
Love from Texas (normally:))

A. Rosenbaum

Once in a while, you realize that the justice system can work. I am quite hopeful that the Suffolk D.A. will realize that there are 3 people out there who could have killed the Tankleffs who aren't named Marty Tankleff. I have followed this case for years and it was quite apparent that Marty was innocent.


I have followed this case for a long time. I have always felt sick to my stomach that this poor boy not only lost his parents but suffered a terrible injustice. Welcom home Marty! Have a blessed New Year and may justice be served.

Ann Marie Buck

Congrats and welcome back to LI. I was in the courtroom during your original trial and felt you were wrongly accussed. I hope and pray that the justice system won't fail you again. My prayers are with you and your family.
A concerned citizen and supporter of your case



It's raining today- each drop are tears from heaven. May your parents rest in peace.

The best of luck to you with the upcoming legal matters. Congratulations to your legal team and to JAY SALPETER for believing in you and perservering!

God Bless you, Marty.

Mary Kleber

Welcome Home Marty! I am so very happy for you. I am still in your corner and will continue to be until you are aquitted. Have a Happy New Year ... you deserve it!!!!


I think this is fantastic news! Good for you Marty! This is a long time coming. Kudos to your family too for standing so firmly and steadfastly behind you. You guys have been through so much. I just hope you can put your life back together and have a truly fulfilling and peaceful life once this is all over for good.


Welcome Home Marty! You looked great, sounded wonderful and as always presented yourself as a gentleman. Enjoy your freedom, your family and all the blessings of a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


This is great news! Welcome home Marty! God bless you and are your family. Keep fighting, justice will be served and this will be behind you. You will be able to get on with your life. Good luck to you and stay strong.

Mary and Jack C

Welcome Home Marty!! It was wonderful to see you walking free. Best of luck and kuddos to you for sticking to your principles.

(Unknown) FRIEND of Marty

This man was a "boy" bullied into a confession by a police detective known to be "unsavory," to be "corrupt," and then, after Mr. Tankleff's conviction, he opens a bar/restaurant with the defendant's step-sister.....
Now he is a "man," still young enough to begin another chapter of his life, hopefully get used to all that has changed in his world...and hopefully, the D.A. might start looking at what appears to be the real suspect, Mr. Tankleff's former business partner, who knew the detective, who fled to California after the killings, who changed his name and appearance..and yet, was never looked at as a suspect.
I do not personally know any of these people, but I, like many around me feel that this young man was given a horrible sentence, as if losing his parents in a violent killing wasn't enough.
I hope this case ends, at least for him..I hope the prosecution can eat crow just once, and admit that there is a possibility they didn't have it right.



From the moment I watched your story on A and E , "American Justice", I was appalled by the corrupt detective who bullied you into thinking you were guilty! It will come back to haunt this "dirty cop",
All that being said, Marty , I am jumping for joy, just knowing that you can finally walk as a free man. I hope you can sue the system and at the very least be compensated for all the years you suffered behind bars.

I pray you will live a long and wonderful life, take it moment by moment and you will do fine Marty.

God Bless
midwestma in MN

Melanie Peterson

Congratulations!!! What a great way to start the New Year. I know that this has been such a fight to gain your freedom. It seems that once the system gets their claws into you, they don't want to let go. I have read about your case since becoming involved with www.justiceforjuveniles.org, and I am so happy to finally see the miracle! My prayers go out to you and your family. Stay strong. Justice will prevail.




Marty,I've been following your case from the beginning.I am so happy today for you.I wish you the best.I hope you can go on and have a prosperous life.You at 17 lost your parents and were put away for a long time,convicted of this horrific crime.Meanwhile there should have been more investigating of people who faked their death and fled!!God bless you and your family

brian corsini

i dont think you will remember me by this email but if you saw me you will. i am you're age and worked with you at the bagel store in ea setauket in 1987 and also went to youre dads fitness place next door. When u had you're pre-trial hearings in the old building in riverhead i went for a few days and had lunch with you a few times-email me if possible i miss you and am happy for you-finally!

brian corsini


my email address is gothamdj@aol.com

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