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December 13, 2005


Donald Connery

I am disappointed that I can print out only the first page of "The Confession Takers."
Can you do anything to make it possible?

Doctor News

The easiest way is to highlight, copy and paste into another program such as Word.

Melodie W. Tegay

As a former resident of Port Jefferson, and a parent whose child graduated in the same year as Martin Tankleff would have, I have been following this case since it's unfortunate inception. From the get-go,I could not understand how a "confession" could have legally been obtained from a minor without a parent or his lawyer present. How could a sitting judge allow a jury to hear about a "confession" which was not written by the defendent, not signed by the defendent, not tape recorded either with audio or video- with only the questionable word of the lead detective whose very presence at the crime scene was suspect? How could the jury ignore evidence of cigarette butts in the bushes whose DNA did not match anyones in the household, a bloody handprint on a light switch made by a glove that was never found, and convict Martin without the murder weapon being placed into evidence? How much more incompetent detective work needed to come to light for some question to be raised in the mind's of the jury about the prosecution's "evidence" of Martin's guilt?
Your thorough presentation of the "climate" in Suffolk County during this time was very helpful in explaining how corrupt the system had become- and perhaps why now there is such a desperate attempt to continue the cover-up to prevent the true murderers from being brought to justice and the public servants- the "supporters of the lies" -from facing appropriate consequences and public reprimand! Our only hope is that Judge Braslow is out of that tainted loop will be as brave as Joe Creedon's son who came forward to testify against his own father. Judge Braslow must vacate Martin's sentence and give him what is left of his life back!

K. Kelly

SCPD does not have any outside watch dog agencies as the City does.

I had SCPD officers enter my home violating my 4th amend rights without probable cause nor exigent circumstances,,they then seached my domain totally without a warrent, and arrested me on a trumped up charge. They cuffed me,,I did not resist,,took me out of my home in my under wear and bare footed,,brought me to the 1st precinct,never affording me the chance to get pants and shoes on,,held in a holding cell with many other men,,then arraigned before the Court and Judge dressed as stated,,,,They are Cowboys! They lie,,I've documentation and tapes with internal affairs division many calls,,they did not look into my case,,last month I called them again this time getting a Lt.he was arrogant and stated that they have no records of both my wife and I calling to ask for a investigation,he said their system has records of complaints and calls going back to 1986. I then informed him that I taped all my conversations,,he started to stutter,,. Tommy K. if you are reading this call me or come by my home please.

I've all the evidence to support my allegations,,,FBI has yet to assign a agent!

Joe Botz

SCPD id a disgrace with a long history of abuses! My blog: has actually gotten the attention of the NYS SIC


annette johnson

interested in People vs Diaz.How come this person was accused? no other suspects?


After watching the American Justice program yesterday, I am appalled at how this conviction ever came to be. Personally, I pride myself in not jumping to conclusions, knowing that between two versions of a story, the truth can sometimes lie somewhere in between. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE JOKE!!! Something stinks real bad, I smell it clear out here on the left coast. McCready, an incompetent idiot or dirty as hell? I think, probably a little of the prior and 100% of the later. I pray that this case gets the attention it deserves now, and that the real truth comes out.


if you guys only knew what happened to me the past few days, it was horrible, the scpd are so corrupt and wrong, so now im gonna go to jail for something i didnt do. i'm so scared and its not fair these cops can get away with what they did.


Cops have a way of messing with your mind. I was at my daughter's funeral 150 miles away from where I lived. Someone broke into my home and stole things while I was gone. I reported it when I got home and then returned to my daughters town. The police called me and told me it was me that stole my own possessions and pawned them. They said they had a video of me at the pawn shop. I knew it was not me-but they said it was. I thought maybe I blacked out because of grief and did it. The cop was very adamant and kept telling me it was me on the tape and he could prove it and others identified me. I always trusted police, so I thought they were right. Finally, after a week the cop called the funeral home who verified I was at the cemetery at the time the video was taken. I never received an apology from the cop. I did learn one thing-they attack when one is vunerable just to solve a case. I no longer trust any law enforcement. I do this day cannot figure out why they targeted me unless it was just to solve a case. So much for justice. Now I wonder how many innocent people are in jail just because someone wants credit for solving a case.


I don't know If I said it already but ...Hey good stuff...keep up the good work! :) I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I'm glad I found your blog. Thanks,)

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