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September 07, 2005



How did Jerry Steuerman's wife die a year before the Tankleff murders?

Michael Sharkey

I think I knew Shari Tankleff (if she is the one who went to Uniondale High School.) If she did then I did know her.

Martin is not the child who killed Seymour and Arlene.

I have sympathized with Martin over the unjust prosecution and would offer my services (e-mailing or writing letters, etc) to anyone at prosecutor's office, a judge or anyone with influence in this case.

I believe petitioning prosecutors and judges can be very effective.

Please contact me at the attached e-mail address or at artstarmitch48@yahoo.com.

Or, you can mail me at:
Michael Sharkey
629 Kappock St., 3C
Riverdale, New York 10463

or phone at 718-796-7629

Send names and mailing addresses (e-mails also) of anyone who is involved with the prosecution of the case.

Thank you,
Michael S.


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