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August 08, 2005

Snapshot: Alfred Tisch

TischThe judge in Marty's 1990 trial.  Sentenced Marty to the maximum of two consecutive 25 years to life sentences for the murders of Seymour and Arlene Tankleff.  Was believed by many at the time to be planning a run for Suffolk County District Attorney as a Republican.  Marty's attorney at trial, Robert Gottlieb, who planned to run for DA as a Democrat, asked Tisch to recuse himself on the grounds that a sitting judge on such a high profile case should not run for DA.  Tisch refused to recuse himself and ultimately did not run for DA.  Refused to hear evidence that Jerry Steuerman, through his coke-dealing son Todd Steuerman, had attempted to have Joey "Guns" Creedon cut out Marty's tongue for implicating Jerry Steuerman in the murders.  Refused to allow the State Investigation Commission (SIC) Report into evidence, including the Commission's finding that Detective James McCready, who wrote Marty's recanted "confession," had perjured himself in a previous murder trial. Tisch is currently the sheriff of the Suffolk County jail, where Glenn Harris said he was beaten by guards (which jail authorities deny) and where the DA, despite knowing Harris had obtained a lawyer, wired three snitches in an unsuccessful attempt to get him to change his story.  Running for reelection as Suffolk County Sheriff this November. 


If there is any better example of a pure political hack than this character???

What truly sickens me is when the private sector (Touro Law School) disregards quality people to hire and rather hires this unqualified hack, for purposes of "teaching" other law students.

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