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July 24, 2005


Bridget K. Wolak

Unfortunately, the majority of Americans assume that the police are on YOUR side -- they are not! You are GUILTY until proven innocent. Suffolk County is a disgrace to the American justice system! And I'm amazed that Shari's husband and the detective opened a BAR together! Come on,people, where is the justice for Mary Tankleff -- he's INNOCENT!! He should never have been questioned by police without an attorney or guardian present!! The police BLEW it and can't live up to their mistakes -- no murder weapon; where's the blood evidence that should have been on Marty! His clothing/shoes/socks -- something should have had blood on it! Where was the evidence???? Another misinjustice for another innocent victim.


SHES A GOLDIGGER!!!!! This woman (if you can call her that for the sake of kindness) is ONLY after the money!! She is a greedy selfish wicked evil and coniving (bleep) who was trying to take advantage of the circumstance and use Martys false conviction to her advantage.

You hateful ungrateful sorry excuse for taking air space!!! I am so glad it all backfired in your face and I hope the family has dissowned and diss inherited you from everything. YOU, dear sister , are even as bad as those involved. I wouldnt be surprised if your name doesnt come up as part if the ring of those who architected and committed this crime against your very on mom ! I hope Marty has NO dealings with you whatsoever

T. Anderson

I would be very curious to find out the money trail leading from Shari Rother to J. McCready and J. Steuerman. I think the relationship between these three individuals and any link to them should be fully investigated. She entered into a business partnership with the detective who put her half brother in prison. Something is just not right about that. I think that the relationship between all three of these people should be investigated all the way back to well before the murders of Arlene and Seymour took place. I would not be one bit surprised to find that she ( shari ) has more to do with this than anyone suspects. I am not accusing, but again something is just not right about the whole thing. It's worth looking into. She certainly had a lot to gain, and did. I will continue to pray for Marty everyday. He seems to be a very strong person and I am glad he has the love and support of ALL his family, minus one...........


Even if Marty was guilty beyond any doubt, for Shari's husband to use her inheritance to open up a bar with the investigating detective is pure stupidity. And it's this type of "above the law" stupidity that finally catches up. I hope Shari and Mr. McCready find themselves behind bars.


I would love to have the name and address of the bar that the two crooks opened. I'd like to just go there and speak with different folks on this subject.

donna stanzione

i was pregnant with my first daughter when that trial was on tv . i live on long island and i actually sat and watched. i was horrified by what was happening to that kid.i wondered how that jury didnt see reasonable (doubt omg the doubt).i actually spoke out by writing to local govt at my horror.
i never stopped saying that that kid was railroaded.when the papers started reporting on i was elated
i knew it

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