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July 21, 2005


patrick touhey

spoke with you about a month ago regarding statements made by glenn harris , said you were going to take a statement from me...?917 881 6881 cell #

Sandi Tewes

Thank you, Mr. Salpeter, for providing your services to Marty Tankleff.

Is the legal system in the eastern states so much different from the legal system in the western states?

What is the matter with the authorities in Suffolk County - who choose to ignore the information which pertains to someone other than Martin Tankleff being guilty of the crimes for which Marty has been convicted?

Does the justice system in the east not make mistakes? Is the justice system concerned more with 'saving face' than it is in seeing that justice is done?

Are the authorities who refuse to take into account the information which would at the very least entitle Marty to a new trial, elected officials?

Every day we see people being exonerated of crimes when new information comes forward which points to someone other than the convicted person being the guilty person.

What is wrong with the authorities in the Marty Tankleff scenario in the State of New York, County of Suffolk? What is wrong with the reasoning abilities of said authorities in said state and county?

Good grief. I sincerely wish the case could be taken to an area of the country where justice - not personalities - prevail in the American justice system.




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After thoroughly reviewing this matter, this court reaches the same conclusion that the jury reached ... and every state appellate court and federal court that has reviewed the case, and that is that Martin Tankleff is guilty of murdering his parents," Braslow wrot

THat was the truth.


For Immediate Release
Legal Team Joined by Leading Organizations and Scholars including the Innocence Project and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
(New York, NY – April 18, 2006) Marty Tankleff, serving a 50-years-to-Life sentence for the murder of his parents, Arlene and Seymour, yesterday filed briefs in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, requesting that the court hear an appeal in his efforts to seek a new trial.
Tankleff’s defense team, which includes some of the nation’s most prestigious law firms, was joined in the appeal today by the Innocence Project, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL); The New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NYSACDL); Saul Kassin, nationally recognized false confession expert; and Steve Drizin of the Center on Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University, on behalf of the Innocence Network.
“We’ve taken the unusual step of writing a letter along with our motion because the facts of this case are so strong, and because the lower-court ruling that denied Martin Tankleff a new trial was so misguided and troubling. The court improperly ignored new research on factors associated with false confessions that severely undermines the credibility of the statement taken by Suffolk County police. The police tactics in this case are exactly what leads to false confessions and causes innocent people to be convicted while the true perpetrators remain free,” said Barry Scheck, Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Innocence Project.
Jennifer O’Connor, Tankleff’s attorney from the law firm of WilmerHale, said,“As the papers we filed today indicate, the trial judge made a series of grave legal errors in considering the more than twenty new witnesses who testified to Marty's innocence and the admitted guilt of other men. He also failed to even discuss the significant constitutional issues still at stake, for example, that the law regarding Miranda warnings has changed and now dictates that Marty's confession should not have been admitted at trial. We look forward to review of these issues by the appellate court.”HERE ITS AGAIN BUT THE FULL PAGE

He's guilty

On the morning of the murders, how did Marty know that Jerry Steuerman was the last one to leave the poker game?

Virgil Clarke Jr.

My son Virgil Jason Clarke Was convicted of Murder in 1996 and was sentenced to life without parole. He didn't commit the murder, He was just there when the murder occurred.Somehow my Son had the gun used in the murder when he was caught. But he could'nt stop the murder from happening. I believe that he was the victim of false Confession.

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