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July 16, 2005


Daniela Ruiz

Marty Tankleff is inocent!!!!!

Lucero Villa

Marty Tankleff is inocent!!!!!!


Let's Free this man already...He and his parents are the true VICTIMS here.


I just read the whole case on 48 hours, and I am in complete shock!!!!! To think that such shady, and questionable people could actually have the power to do this to a poor, innocent teenager. I do not agree in the way his "so-called" confession was obtained, and his rights were completely violated!!!! The fact that he had another hearing had actually given me hope that somehow, someway, justice would prevail.....but to have a district attorney who is morally, and ethically challenged, and a detective who for some reason thinks he can make the law fit to whatever he sees is right DISGUSTS ME!!!!! I feel the need to get the constitution, and the laws that are supposed to make our country fair, and honest.....and flush them down the toilet. Since Suffolk county has already done that, it should not be a difference.

Michele Kutner

Marty I'm so glad you're with your family now. God bless them how they stood by you all this time. I followed this case from the begining and I always knew you were inocent. Have a Happy New Year!!


your a disgrace to your office to this very country, you never wanted Marty to get the justice he deserved. Your a coward, you should rest in hell!!

Derek Lanzaro

Is the partner of Spota Mazzei? If so you should say so - as he is running for supervisor

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