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July 23, 2005



Your snapshot is good, but for completeness, it should note that Ram is on lifetime probation for drug dealing, told the court he was "reformed" and then went on to rob stores in Florida before finally getting into a shootout with cops.

Doctor News

Fine. Nobody ever said Ram was a choir boy. He was pals with Creedon, Kent and Harris back in the day, which is why he was in a perfect position to know what they were doing on 9/7/88. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there are no reports that Ram shot at anyone other than himself. See revised snapshot.


Just a little more information about "Billy".

On January 20, 2006, Ram pleaded guilty to nine violent felonies and was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment. Ram pleaded guilty to:
Two (2) counts of robbery,
Five (5) counts of robbery with a firearm,
One (1) count of armed kidnapping,
and One (1) count of aggravated assault on a police officer.


Yeah, Ram certainly is no choir boy, but he is certainly in the "cavalcade of nefarious scoundrels" marching in Marty's little parade.

"The defendant has introduced what he characterized as newly discovered evidence, which consisted mainly of the testimony from a cavalcade of nefarious scoundrels paraded before this court by him,"

Judge Braslow

Robert L. Olson

Is this the same Billy Ram who was visited by the Suffolk DA's Detective-Investigators prior to his sentencing? Who was told by the D/I's that if he "recanted" his previous testimony (where the told the truth), that they would try to work out a better sentence for him with the Florida authorities and Ram told them to "stick it"? Ram told these guys who wanted him to perjure himself (like Brian Scott Glass did) in return for consideration that he told the truth the first time and he was sticking to the truth even if it meant a lengthy jail term. That Billy Ram?


Dunno 'bout any pre-sentencing meeting between Suffolk Co. reps and Ram, but Ram is gonna be in the hole a long, long time. What makes you so sure Soffolk Co. can do alot for a guy in Florida anyway?

But it is the same Billy Ram that got the following payments from the Tankleff defense:

$ 500
$ 500

along with a car rental. In the automobile provided to him by the Tankleff defense Ram racked up 1400 miles on trips to purchase cocaine and heroin.

The whole binge was financed by the defense. Remember citizens, Ram may have driving toward you during his little vacation back to his old stomping grounds. You can thank the Tankleff defense for putting you at risk.

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