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July 15, 2005


Gary C. Harmon

He doesn't live on Long Island. Wow, what a relief! He apparently lives in South Carolina, somewhere near Little River. That's where he filed for corporate protection for his restaurant, "Digger O'Dells". Hmm... I wonder how many of his personal assets have been placed in the corporate name in order to avoid attachment due to the outcome of a pending lawsuit? I sure would love to pierce that corporate veil!

Albert Shenkins

McCready is a low life scumbag.




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Blake Hjelmeland

det mcready is a miserable piece of garbage who is bound to burn in hell along with steuerman and his wanna be gangster goons who were the real killers.Right when I saw this case the first thing that popped into my mind was MCREADY IS A DUMBASS DETECTIVE!!!Seriously...if marty really did this would he have made sure his dad was ACTUALLY DEAD before he called 911.No defensive wounds or murder weapon,no physical evidence etc....a jury really convicted him.This is one of the worst travesties of justice I have ever seen.Anyone that knows criminology has to know that there is MASS CORRUPTION behind mcreadys 94% confession rate.You could tell that piece of shit was full of himself and a COMPLETE LIAR right when he opened his mouth.How the hell did a circuit judge hear this case and not overturn it...it went to appelate court??Seriously??Has the world lost its fuckin mind??What people on the jury convicted this guy??Do they lack common sense??He would have made sure his dad was dead before he called 911 that was not even mentioned by douchebag ballsucking mcready on 48 hrs.Man I wanna bust that guy in the lip what a sorry excuse for a human being.That prosecutor was mcreadys frickin lawyer....didnt they know that??That prosecutor was so full of himself...he was just as dirty as mcready there all scumbags.So let's do a toast to detective mcready...heres to you ya criminal.I wish you a lifetime of ballsucking...not an ordinary ball sucking but a colossal sucking of the balls....may you spend the rest of your life sucking steudermans salty,sweaty balls....ok now Im done....lol

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