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July 15, 2005


Kurt Moenkhaus

Since Detective James McCready "Was not on duty the morning of the murder and did not live near the scene of the crime, the Tankleff residence. Responded to the scene of the crime, dressed in a suit, within 19 minutes of getting paged.", THEN.......

What is McCready's explaination for being at the crime scene?
Why was he so close to the Tankleff home?
Whatever his reason for responding so quickly, was it normal for him to do so in other cases, or similar situations?
How far away did he live?
Why was he in a suit? Did he usually where a suit every day, or was there a special reason? Did he frequently respond to other cases in the same way? i.e. show up even though he was not on duty at the time?

The information I have read makes me wonder if McCready was part of the plot to kill the Tankleff's. If he was first on scene, he could control the investigation.

Has anyone ever investigated this angle? If so, what did they find out?

There are too many coincidences and unusual personal connections involving McCready for him not to be involved in some way shape or form.

I just became aware of this case and feel outraged that the legal system has once again been abused by so many different people in order to cover their _ _ _ 's.

What if anything can I do to help?

Kurt Moenkhaus

Marla Raines

This guy really just needs to step up to the plate nad say ok damn I was wrong. Come on man there is a innocent person in jail, wasting his life because you are to much of a self centered jerk to say three simple words.... I Was Wrong!! God bless Marty and his family and I am willing to help ANY way that I can.


martin is a little boy i say that because he never once said thanks for bringing the team I put together to help myself into his defense

Lisa Chamberlain

I agree with Kurt that Mc Cready is envolved, I thought so watching American Justice that Mc Cready was trying to convince all how normal it is to do what Jerry S. did, as soon as I heard the guy fled!! All red flags rose!!!! I think that the truth has been cleaverly covered up, You know what not even cleverly covered up!!! it is so apparent that the shit runs deep!!! MANY HAVE ON THEIR BOOTS!! I am so so so so bewieldered and outraged, poor Marty and his WEIRD half-sister (money hungry)can't believe her husband opened a bar with Mc Cready, I mean if that does not say it all!!How can she live with herself!!! FREE MARTY




The person that should be behind bars is James McCready. It is breathtaking to watch his arrogance and the intentional and purposeful denial of facts that cry out he fabricated this case against Marty Tankleff. Some one who is that belligerent and incapable of reflecting on the possibility that he made a mistake tells me that McCready is corrupt and aiding and abetting the real killers. If there is justice Marty will be freed and McCready will take his place in prison.


FREE MARTY !!!!!!!


Assistant District Attorney John Collins; didn't he get transferred out of suff. co. after this trial?


This was a double murder and armed robbery orchestrated by Shari Rother, Jerry Steuerman, and Det. McCready. The object: for Shari to get the entire inheritance that she did not want to share with a woman she perceived as a homewrecker and an adopted half-brother. Steurerman gets the thugs, he gets his loans discharged and maybe a little extra. McCready controls the crime scene, frames the fall guy, and gets his payday. Notice that they carefully waited until right after Marty turned 17 - avoid any possibility that he could be treated as a juvenile.


Mr. James McCready will receive his just recompense the day he dies, and he will die someday. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not today but he will die and then he'll be interrogated; fairly and justly by a just fair GOD.
Something Mr.McCready ommitted doing while on this earth.



Once again this case has made the news. I say McCready should just trade places with Marty,give up his pension,wire his mouth shut and go rot in jail along with Steurerman. I never bought this whole case from the start. This cop really deserves to go to jail. How does the last person to see the Tankleffs alive (who owes 500G) not be considered a suspect? How does Steureman get away with faking his death? Maybe that smart ass low life McCready can explain this?


Suffolk County should step up and do the right thing, investigate this. God knows they had no problem convicting an innocent man. But that would make them look bad and if they did all the corruption that was involved in the DA and police dept would be revealed. As for McCready and the prosecutors they are lower than low! On the cold case file McCready was acting all innocent please! He’s is the one who deserves to be in prison, along with the past and present prosecutors they are truly the dirt on the bottom of our shoes!


The Tankleff case bears a strong resemblance to the case of Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay (Bellevue, Washington). They too were convicted of the brutal bludgeoning of (Atif's) parents for money, although the Rafays were sending Atif to Cornell University at the time and the family had no history of abusive relationships. They too were investigated by a single-minded detective who refused to follow up other leads. Both detectives pointed to suspects' "behavior at the crime scene" as if there is some proper way to behave when your parents have been bludgeoned to death. No forensic evidence was presented tying them to the bloody crime. They had a confirmed alibi from several witnesses as to their whereabouts. They too called 911 while one of the victims was still alive. Their "confessions", like Marty's, came as a result of police lies and deception. They too were destroyed in the media. What these two cases point to is a dangerous over-reliance on confessions, even confessions that are retracted or denied, to the exclusion of scientific police work. Check out rafayburnsappeal.com

Naya Allouite

It takes one person like James McCready in law enforcement to undo the public trust with police officers. Not only should James McCready be tried and convicted, but he should be executed for his crimes. James McCready is a textbook example of what is wrong with our country as a whole: Nobody is willing to ever take responsibility for their actions. A very public trial, conviction, and swift execution would begin to heal the wounds and repair the broken trust our law enforcement community have worked and died in the line of duty to earn. Our American Constitution says, "...Preserve, Protect, and Defend" and our Law Enforcement creedo says, "To Protect and Serve." Never forget this case. You as a reader owe it to future generations to do something about this right now. Contact the Suffolk County Prosecutors Office right now and ask them to persue charges against James McCready. There is no statutue of limitations in a homicide case. It never goes away and charges can always be brought. If more people had been outraged about this case, about the false confession of a distraught 17 year-old boy interrogated for hours by a man involved in the very homicide he was investigating... Those three West Memphis, Arkansas boys may not still be in prison for a triple-homicide they had nothing to do with. The EXACT same thing has already happened again... In Arkansas. The case is known worldwide as, "The West Memphis Three Case" and it is happening RIGHT NOW. www.wm3.org. The former NYPD detective who worked to uncover the truth in Marty Tankleff's case and establish this website is now working The West Memphis Three case. See details and read the horrific story of injustice that is VERY similar to this case at www.wm3.org


I feel for Marty and his family. I, too, have been experiencing a false conviction of my son. It too, was orchestrated by dishonesty, greed, self-preservation, power and the NYPD Blue-Wall. The NYPD officers created a scenario that convinced a jury to convict. Most people believe that when a police officer testifies, he is telling the truth. What most people don't know or even think is that police officers are experienced at testifying. They learn how to make their testimony believable. They are experts at convincing you that they are telling the truth. The victim told many boldface lies at the trial. I can tell you, as God is my judge, he lied. I almost fell off the bench when I heard their testimony and fabricated lies. They took statements from the boys arrested and prepared their testimonies for trial. They were missing many statements taken by witnesses. Paperwork that would be favorable to the defendants. I can only tell you that it is a serious nightmare when someone you know is INNOCENT and has to spend a lot of years behind bars. Not only does he lose out, but his family and friends do the time with him.
I'm sure that Marty's family understands that all too well. I am so happy for them that they were able to clear him and be with him now. Our prayers are with them all. James McCready will live with this all of his life. I believe that it will come back to bite him one day.

Jessi Wolfe

James McCready is a piece of shit i watched martys case on 48 hours and i was so pissed off watching him it made me sick. Oh he was definitely involved in that, i think he needs to spend the rest of his life in prison for ruining martys life the way he did. Thank god marty was released i guess justice was served, but how do u make up for all the time he spent in prison? Im really happy for marty and his family i hope he can live as normal of a life possible!

public citizen

I saw the story on Oprah Today and was once again reassured about my concerns about who is really protecting the Martys of the world in the places that he and his family felt would protect and serve him seeking the "TRUTH".
I thought i had grown cynical over the years about the "System" and "They and Them" that we the people cannot seem to get our fair justice from.To All the Martys of the world, may we all have the support and concious like those of his family and that wonderful friend of his at the university that is now going to law school to help innocent people becoming victims by the very people that took and oath to seeking out justice and truth to serve us, not them and those that they are in bed with within their system.
I think its time for mother justice to take those blinders off as we can all see she wears on every statue within the walls of every court house. Is that statue a message to us all that the "System" does not want to know or see the truth?

Marty God Bless your family, friends and community that knew your truth and stuck with you.That old adage" the truth shall set you free" seems to exist within those that believe in us, not necessarily by those that took an oath to govern us. I was always told that we could judge a book by its cover, maybe its time we the people begin to question those in certain positions and why they are there? We however have been trained to never question those in authority as though they too are not human and capable of sociapathic and unlawful acts. People are people and all have motives.... But why are those of authority exempt from scrutiny as they abuse,victimized and exploit the innocent. I pray that the day will come when enough of us that want fairness and justice only in a system set up for it, will not be silenced of the truth. I pray that that was the intent of our founding fathers and those that truly need therapy and psychological help that govern our system, will get it and not be allowed to victimize and get paid hefty amounts, get pardoned and prootected for their crimes.

MARTY take care, may our sytem change in GODSPEED. Even writing this is risky to me because of censorship or the possibilty of the idea that one of their own is being discounted. However, silence sometimes mean consent, today Marty after watching your story I could not sit in silence. You may not get an apology from the system or those involved, But i sincerely would like to say I am so sorry for your lost years. They were your living years and no one had a right because of their greed to sacrifice you for their survival.Pray for them because they too seem as though they were victims in their lives,and have issues that have gone unnoticed and without help because of their supposed statures. And they have judged us coming into their court sytems without even seeking the truth.

Live well Marty! Be At Peace! Start your life again, its the best way to avenge your precious life that the universe had planned for you when it all seemed like it ended at 17. They did alot of damage MARTY! but your still here..I'm happy to know that you lived to tell your story many did not. May your lawyer friend find new laws and amendments that show that murder is not always concluded with physical evidence. Mostly its done its done the way it was done to you. Depriving a human of their truth and concealing the truth and affecting all those around them and lives forever is murder. The weapon is the mind. The motive?revenge on others for the lack of love that they somehow felt was missing within them. Only thos elaqcking love could have such low self esteems to go out in the world,get educated,seek power positions and do such covert acts.Pray for peace for them, its the only way that another Marty will be spared until mother justice demands mental stability first from those supposedly upholding her laws!

James Harrington

He is a dirty piece of poop who does not deserve to wear that badge. So many people fall victim to bad cops, and cops need to step away from that brotherhood and weed out all the bad cops.


Its funny how a jury can find one guilty for everything else except the evidence.

E.G when and how you cry...


What should be done to punish the supposedly law enforcement offiers who are wrong!? DAMN James McCready!!!! U ARE A ASS HOLE. U are a lazy, useless, self-centred, arrogant, manipulative and EVil person. u will receive your kharma!!! soon!! ass hole.

i hope your kids get jailed for doing nothing wrong one day too!!


James McCready is obviously a sadistic monster and a criminal. Seriously, is the entire DA's office in on this? How does a monster get away with it for so long? Insane. James McCready, the whole world knows you are a monster, including your neighbors here in Long Island.


Does anybody out there know who let out that big "YAY" when Marty's guilty verdict was read ? I bet it was that pig McCready . But don't you know that he can tell a guy is lying better than a lie detector ?And don't you know that as a homicide detective he is the "creme de la creme " ? And that Marty's family , who said they were never interviewed by the pig,were lying when they said that?


People say God is evil for making a hell. NO! God is just. Hell was made for the devil, his angels, and men like James McCready. If God allowed men like Hitler and McCready to spend eternity in paradise, that would be evil. Enjoy your future McCready. You will be amongst like minded evil, lovers of self, and persecutors of the innocent. Enjoy.

I don't want my name used as I don't wqnt to be murdered by him

mcreedy is worse then pond scum. like others before me said he will rot in hell with the devil. At first I thought he was the stupidest man alive then I realized he was in it from the start. It was all money and greed. He was in on the murders from the beginning and in cahoots with steurerman. He couldn't even keep his story straight on 48 hours getting caught in the lie he had talked to the family. His family should be so ashamed of him and not want anything to do with him. Wat an embarrasment. He was paid by steurerman from the start with marty's fathers money. I'm not sure how corrupt the rest of mcCreadys fellow employee's are but it does not put a good name on them and hopefully there is a few honest ones but I doubt it since they back the lowere then lower pond scum pig. May he rot in hell (he will rot in hell)
god bless you Marty

Matt Kleiger

Does this moron ex-detective live on Long Island? If so, I think he needs to be run out of town. He's taking up too much space and he's breathing our air. Nuf said.

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