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June 09, 2005

Snapshot: Shari Rother Mistretia

Img_0122Seymour’s daughter from a prior marriage, she was grown up and out of the house by the time Marty entered the world.  Marty lived with her for a brief time after he was released on bail, before moving in with his cousin Ron Falbee and his family.  While over two dozen family members, including the victims' sisters and brother, have proclaimed Marty's innocence from day one, during the trial Shari became the only family member to question Marty’s innocence, eventually stating she believed Marty was guilty. According to the will, Marty would have inherited the bulk of the multimillion dollar estate, but Shari ended up receiving approximately one-third, more than the stipend she would have received from the trust. (Marty received one-third, which was spent on legal fees, and one-third went to a trust at Hofstra University.)  Two years after Marty was convicted, Shari's husband opened a bar with lead Detective James McCready, the man who wrote Marty's "confession."  She told "48 Hours" last year, after the new evidence came to light, that she is now "on the fence" as to Marty's guilt or innocence. 


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