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June 01, 2005

Snapshot: Peter Kent

Img_0386_1Joey "Guns" Creedon’s alleged accomplice in the Tankleff murders.  A  hardened criminal, he once beat up the guy in the next cell for disturbing his sleep. He once allegedly threatened to kill a police officer if he testified against him. An assistant district attorney once recommended against parole for Kent because he was a “dangerous guy.” Yet, when confronted by prosecutors with Harris’s statement implicating him, Kent broke down and cried.  Here was a golden opportunity for the DA to pursue the truth in the 16-year-old case, if he was interested in the truth.  But with Kent in tears, prosecutors did not threaten him  that he could trade places with Marty and spend the rest of his life in jail, as they had done to Glenn Harris.  Nor did prosecutors offer Kent leniency in exchange for more information.  Instead, Kent said prosecutors immediately assured him he wasn't a suspect, telling him, “we don’t believe you did this.”  Prosecutors then gave him defense witness Billy Ram's home phone number and had Kent record his unsuccessful attempts to discredit the witness.  At the recent evidentiary hearings, Kent testified for the prosecution. 


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