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June 01, 2005

Snapshot: Joey "Guns" Creedon


Todd Steuerman's drug enforcer around the time of the Tankleff murders.  A number of people have sworn that Creedon told them he was involved in the Tankleff murders. Karlene Kovacs signed a sworn affidavit in the early 90's and testified at the recent new-evidence hearing that at an Easter get-together in 1991 or 1992, Creedon admitted his participation in the Tankleff murders after waiting in the bushes and watching a card game.  An informant considered reliable by the Suffolk County police testified Creedon told him he knows Marty is innocent because Creedon killed the Tankleffs himself.  In 2003, Glenn Harris came forward, signed a sworn affidavit, passed a polygraph test and confided in a priest and a nun that he drove Creedon and Peter Kent to the Tankleff residence the night of the murders, that the two returned to the car some 20 minutes later  out of breath, that on the way out of the neighborhood they discarded a pipe in a wooded area where defense investigator Jay Salpeter subsequently searched and found a single pipe fitting the description, and that later one of them burned his clothes.  Billy Ram testified that his friends and criminal associates Creedon, Kent and Harris were at his house the night of the Tankleff murders and left to go to Belle Terre to "take care of a Jew in the bagel business."  Joseph Graydon testified that just weeks before the actual murders, Creedon enlisted him in a failed attempt to kill Seymour Tankleff on behalf of Jerry SteuermanBrian Scott Glass told defense lawyers Bruce Barket and Barry Pollack, along with defense investigator Jay Salpeter, that Jerry Steuerman had offered him the Seymour Tankleff hit, but Glass turned it down and passed it along to Creedon.  And Creedon's own son signed a sworn affidavit stating that his father told him that he “killed Marty Tankleff’s parents,” providing details of how the murders were committed.  On the stand during the recent hearings, Creedon denied any involvement in the Tankleff murders. 


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