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June 03, 2005

Snapshot: Joseph Graydon

Img_1164Came forward after coming across a news report about the evidentiary hearing in 2004; he was surprised that Glenn Harris's statement had not already led to Marty's freedom.  Graydon testified to partnering with Joey "Guns" Creedon in a plan to murder Seymour Tankleff just weeks before the actual murders took place.  The attempted hit, which Graydon said was sponsored by Seymour's "business partner," failed because Seymour did not show up at the bagel store as expected the night the men were waiting for him.  When Graydon called the district attorney's office last year to report this information, they told him it was just "speculation" and hung up on him.  Graydon then went through his garbage to find the name of one of Marty's lawyers, Bruce Barket, got his number through directory assistance and called him. 


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