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June 01, 2005

Snapshot: Glenn Harris

Img_0370Signed a sworn affidavit, passed a polygraph and confided in a priest and a nun that he drove Joey "Guns" Creedon and Peter Kent to the Tankleff residence the night of the murders for what Harris thought at the time was going to be a burglary; that the two returned to the car some 20 minutes later  out of breath and with bloody clothes; that on the way out of the neighborhood they discarded a pipe in a wooded area where defense investigator Jay Salpeter subsequently searched and found a single pipe fitting the description; and that he later saw Kent burning his clothes. His story was corroborated by several other witnesses, including Karlene Kovacs, who had heard Creedon tell a similar version of the story a decade earlier; Billy Ram, a friend of Harris's who testified that Creedon, Kent and Harris were at his house the night of the Tankleff murders and left to go to Belle Terre to "take care of a Jew in the bagel business."  The Suffolk County DA refused to give Harris "use immunity," whereby he could still be prosecuted for his part in the Tankleff murders, but not on his in-court testimony at the hearing.  Took the fifth after the DA's investigator, Walter Warkenthien, intimidated Harris by telling him he could trade places with Marty if he testified. Incarcerated on a parole violation, Harris was brought by prosecutors down to the Suffolk County jail, which is run by Sheriff Alfred Tisch, the judge who presided over Marty's original trial and sentenced Marty to 50 years to life. Harris said that when he arrived at his jail cell, there was a newspaper opened to a Tankleff article on his cot, and that guards beat him up. Jail officials deny it.  Then the DA, knowing Harris had obtained a lawyer, wired three snitches in an unsuccessful attempt to get him to change his story.


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