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June 14, 2005

Snapshot: Detective James McCready

Img_0192Suffolk County detective who wrote Marty's unsigned, recanted "confession." Retrieved Jerry Steuerman, Seymour Tankleff's indebted business partner, after Steuerman faked his own death and fled to California. Testified at Marty's original trial that he had no prior relationship with Steuerman. In 2004 hearings in Suffolk County court, a restaurant owner testified he saw McCready and Steuerman together in the bagel store prior to the year of the Tankleff murders and that McCready told him he did construction work for Steuerman. Two years after Marty's conviction, opened a bar with the husband of Marty's half-sister, who inherited the family estate in Marty's place. Was not on duty the morning of the murder and did not live near the scene of the crime, the Tankleff residence. Responded to the scene of the crime, dressed in a suit, within 19 minutes of getting paged. Cited by the State Investigation Commission (SIC) for perjury in a previous murder case. Arrested and tried in 1991 for brutal assault of a bar patron and acquitted in a non-jury trial. In both the SIC investigation and the assault case, his lawyer was Thomas Spota, the current Suffolk County District Attorney.



[Detective McCready and his lawyer Thomas Spota following McCready's acquital on assault charges.]




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If this guy isn't a poster child for anything and everything CORRUPT in this case??????

When a person has a vested interest to see an innocent person in jail for the purposes of maintaining his own interests, it is sooo vile and sooo sick!

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