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June 06, 2005

Snapshot: Billy Ram

Img_1168Testified that Joey "Guns" Creedon, Peter Kent, and Glenn Harris met at his house the evening of  the Tankleff murders, and that Creedon asked Ram to go with him to “straighten  somebody out.” According to Ram, Creedon said he was working for  “somebody in the bagel business,” and they would be going to  “straighten out” his partner, “a Jew in the bagel business.” Ram refused  to join in the job, and also refused to lend Creedon his mother’s car, a  recent model that would not look out of place in Belle Terre, where the  Tankleffs lived. The next day, Ram testified, Harris came by his house again and told him, nervously, about what had transpired the night before.  Last year Ram was surreptitiously recorded by Kent at the behest of the Suffolk County DA in an attempt to discredit Ram's testimony.  Since before Tankleff filed his motion for a hearing in October of 2003, Ram has been on lifetime parole; yet despite his being mentioned in the first line of Harris's affidavit, the Suffolk DA never tried to contact him to investigate Harris's claims.  At the time he testified, Ram said he had a legitimate sales job.  Ram's girlfriend testified at the hearing that years ago, Ram had told her he knew Marty was innocent because he had firsthand knowledge of who murdered the Tankleffs.  Ram was apprehensive about coming forward, but she talked him into it, she testified.  “I told him he could do the right thing, could do something good for somebody…because there’s an innocent man in jail and he should help him get out.”  A couple of months after he testified, Ram was arrested and charged with a string of armed robberies in Florida over the course of a day, reportedly saying at one point, "They're looking for me.  I've got nothing to lose."  The day ended, according to news reports, with Ram in the back seat of a taxi surrounded by police.  Police said Ram then allegedly brandished a gun, was shot three times by police, then shot himself. 


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Your snapshot is good, but for completeness, it should note that Ram is on lifetime probation for drug dealing, told the court he was "reformed" and then went on to rob stores in Florida before finally getting into a shootout with cops.

Fine. Nobody ever said Ram was a choir boy. He was pals with Creedon, Kent and Harris back in the day, which is why he was in a perfect position to know what they were doing on 9/7/88. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there are no reports that Ram shot at anyone other than himself. See revised snapshot.

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