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June 14, 2005


Susan S.

I believe that Marty is innocent. What kind of a justice system do we have that can railroad a 17 yr old boy into a 'confession' and not check out every possible lead to find the real killers? Do these people not care if the real killers are punished...or that they are still out walking among the general public?
I am keeping Marty in my thoughts and prayers daily.
I think it is wonderful that his family believes in him and is standing beside him...except for his sister, who is the full benefactor of the estate...right?
Hang in there Marty!

Susan S.

Mary K

Marty is innocent!! What a conspiracy going on in Suffolk County. I am so glad to be living in the Great White North here in upstate NY because up here justice seems pretty fair.
I can say that I actually have the privilage, thanks to Todd Steuerman and his crooked little ways, of knowing a Steuerman, in fact I know 5 all together, and I believe more now than ever that Marty is innocent.
Jerry was and is a crooked little business man. His son, in my opinion, was just as crooked in his little drug business as his father was in the bagel business. Hey and whats up with Shari's husband going into business with McCready? I bet that happened just about the time she got the inherentance check. Yeah bet they all knew each other. The injustice is unbelieveable.
The corruption in Suffolk County is pathetic and the fact that the State Supreme Court can't see that is equally pathetic. What has this country come to ?????? " Innocent until proven guilty " and proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt !!!!

Marty you just keep fighting and what you said is true ... justice will eventually prevail. I'll do what I can to help you get home ....

Love and prayers,


After reading all of the information available regarding Marty's case, he has been the victim of a corrupt police force, and corrupt justice system. The fact that all of these people have walked away from these crimes, knowing that an innocent man sits behind bars shows how sick and demented they all are.

In Canada we have had our difficulties with our own justice system, and yes it works somewhat differently than yours. Regardless, it seems that Suffolk county needs to do an inquiry (once Marty is released - and he will be) - as we have in Canada - to publicly present the corruption in the police force and DA's office. The inquiries that we have here are a guiding force in discovering the errors, corruption and any other problems that may be in the justice system. Typically, a jury reviews the evidence, and advises any changes that need to be made to the system. It has worked for a number of cases where innocent people have been sent to jail.

If there is anything I can do Marty, please do not hesitate to ask! Yours is the only case I have ever supported - thanks to American Justice!

My thoughts and prayers are with you Marty - keep up the fight!


many officers out there like this heartless person are still putting innocent people behind bars, or even worse, on the death-row. t's so sad... i thought i had it bad when a cop gave me a "red-light" ticket for the light i did not get to yet... but this is just brutality to human right/justice.

Carol Ann R

How is the Suffolk County DA getting away with this? It is totally obvious that they refuse to look at any new substantiated evidence. Marty is innocent. My heart goes out to that young man.
There is so much disgusting corruption it makes me ashamed to live in Suffolk County. Quite a tangled web of corruption we have going here. Hang in Marty !


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