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June 16, 2008


Barbara in NJ

Hi Marty,

Just wanted to let you know Im reading this board everyday and praying for your complete exoneration. I haven't forgotten you, Marty.

I'm praying June 30th will bring the answers we've all been waiting to hear.

I don't post on the boards, so I hope you get this message since there is no other way to contact you.

Justice MUST prevail and it will.
I'll be watching and waiting to hear good news June 30.
God bless you, Marty,

Kelly P

It's TIME for this conviction against Marty to be done and over with. Marty needs to try to rebuild his life one brick at a time. I pleased to see that the media is not hounding him as they did earlier this year. He needs his privacy.
On Monday June 30th, I am hoping to hear that Cuomo will be dropping the charges against Marty and filing indictment charges against Kent, Creedon, Steuerman, and Det McCreedy.
I wish you all the happiness Marty, YOU DESERVE IT!!!!

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