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June 16, 2008


Holly Allen

I am counting the day's until Marty is final free, and can move on with his life. I pray that Jerry, Joey and Peter stand trial for this horrible murder of the Tankleff family. All the residents of Suffolk County need to demand justice for Marty and his parents.


I was living on Long Island during this case and watched it every day. At the time I thought Marty was guilty. Now looking back I can't imagine why I thought that? Too many other questions have gone unanswered and a murderer has gone free. To commit such a horrid crime, for an innocent young man to take the rap and sit in prison all these years is just mind boggling


There was a certain person in town who whispered to me that they KNEW that Marty didn't commit the crime, but refused to say how they knew. There are many other pieces of information that made me believe that it was NOT POSSIBLE for Marty to have acted alone, (if he was involved at all).

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