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May 10, 2008


Betty Brockington

Hello, I have just watched your story and it brought back thoughts on my own brothers' deal with the police,lawers and judge that tried his case. He was asked to plead guilty to a charge of rape, with out any test being made on him or his girlfriend at the time. He was told by his lawyer that he would have time to explain what happen. His lawyer was a public defender at this time, now he is the district attorney. He was sentence to 40 years without probation. We tried to get another trial for him. My mother hired someone. He wanted to get the transcrip but could not find it. At the courthouse where the transcrip was left at, we were told that the lady that did it had left and took it with her so she could make money from it and others that she had done. So we proceeded to look for her but could not find her. The sheriff could not find her also. We thought this was strange how she had disappeared along with all reports from his trial. I hoped you wiould be able to look into this and help me out. I know you don't know me and I am asking a lot form you, but this is the only thing left for us to do you may look up or talk to my brothers, just lisen to him and make your mind up then. See if you can find out anything different from us. His name is Milton Williams 136533 He is at Washington State Prison Davisboro, Ga. I hope you get to read this. Thanks for reading if nothing else happen. I am happy that justices came for you in time. Again Thanks Betty Brockington

Sandi Johnson

My son Hank Alan Johnson was murdered in Hearne Texas July 10th and July 21st 2008 by a brutal beating in the Executive Inn #125 off Hwy 6. The DA in Robertson County John Paschall is in a federal lawuist because of a conflict of interest with the brother in law Billy Blackburn in the murder case police report along with Ralph Martinez, Patricia Nelson, Esther Martinez (Fugitive) and Trae Thompson. Texas Ranger Jim Huggins we the family of Hank Johnson demand that you stop proceedings with the case of Hank Johnson as a conflict of Interest to exuming Mr Johnson as the blood evidence under his fingernails that was never taken by pathodogist Patricia Moore in Conroe. The DA's office is under investigation and will be in trial with a federal lawsuit for conflict of interest,racateering and a 48 page lawsuit including judges as well. I am Sandi Johnson and have been in the puppet business of Dorp Express Musical Puppet Show this my 25th year and my sons 20th year until his untimely horrific death in Hearne Texas. We are looking for witnesses. As my only son had 2 small children and deserves justice!!!!!!!!!!!!

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